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PAWS Amazing Race 2021 

Event Date: 01 May, 2021

PAWS Amazing Race 2021 – FUNDRAISING EVENT takes place on Saturday 1st May 2021.

Date: 01 May 2021
Time: 09h30 – 14h30
Venue: Kwikspar Beacon Isle / Market Square / Old Nick Village / Mel’s place / Central Beach
Entry fee: R 100.00 per person

  • The Race is loosely based on the TV series “The Amazing Race”. It is NOT an extreme event and open to all.
  • Teams of 4 participants (in cars) will follow cryptic directional clues to navigate from one pitstop to the next.
  • Teams will also be given a series of questions; the answers to which will be found on the route. Points will be awarded for every question answered correctly.
  • At each pitstop participants will be required to perform FUN activities.
  • The main prize-winning team will be the team that finishes the race in the shortest overall time and has accumulated the highest points score across all legs of the race.
  • There will be additional spot prizes up for grabs.
  • Every participant will be given a race-branded T-shirt to wear on the race day, as well as refreshments at one of the pitstops.
  • Upon completion of the race, each member will receive a Certificate of completion of the race.

All the money raised will go directly to PAWS.

For more information or questions, please visit our Facebook page at

Twitter : @pawsrace
Cellphone number : 076 285 8783



At last, an outdoor event   to recapture our  community spirit and sense of fun, while raising very necessary funds for PAWS.

Bitou News, with the help of Plett’s best known businesses and Plett Tourism, is sponsoring this “race”, which can be described as a combination of a quiz and a treasure hunt.

This is not about speed or physical endurance, although teams must try to finish as quickly as possible. Five Pit Stops, all familiar Plett locations, have been identified  from where teams in cars will set out.  At each Pit Stop, teams will perform fun activities before they are  given sheets with cryptic clues to take them to their destination. These clues are designed to test our everyday general knowledge and our powers of observation –  things we all know about our town, including names of roads and places. On some of the legs of the race there may be a roadblock to test the team’s ingenuity.

This is a perfect event for the whole family or groups of friends who enjoy quiz games and testing their general  and local knowledge.


When: Saturday 1 May, Public Holiday.


  • Teams leave from five Pit Stops.
  • Each team to consist of as many people as you like, as long as they all fit into your car! The more the merrier! (Only four members will count when performing activities).
  • Starting points (Pit Stops) to be allocated when you book.
  • Clues will take you to your destination where you will be timed and allocated points.
  • All teams to meet at the end at Mel’s Place  where winners will be announced and prizes presented.
  • All-day events at Mel’s Place – market, live music and refreshments.

Starting time: 09:30 from various Pit Stops.

Costs: R100 per individual team member, including T shirt.


For more information:  John Gawler 076 285 8783   Marsja Hall-Green O73 645 9476. or


Amazing Race Info Flyer