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Plett Heritage Dance for Climate Change 

Child Friendly
Plett Heritage Dance for Climate Change
Event Date: 27 September, 2019

Plett Heritage Dance for Climate Change in collaboration with the Global Climate Strikes and School Strikes for Climate are inviting the entire the community to participate in this inspiring event.

Our objective is to unite, inspire and educate the community to go green by hosting a dance instead of the usual protest that plague our town. We will celebrate and dance in honour of our pledge to go green and hand over our pledge and memorandum to the local municipality.

We aim to continually educate the local community especially the less fortunate, showing them practical measures, we can take every day to help the situation as well as educating them on human rights and the South African Constitution.

Pairing up with local municipality to find solutions to the following problems, and work towards getting clear concise commitment from the Government for South Africa to go green.

NAME OF EVENT: Plett Heritage Dance for Climate Change
VENUE: Central Beach
DATE: 27/09/19
TIMES: 12h00 – 14h00



  • We urge the municipality to stand with the people and stop the governments indiscriminate use and sale of harmful pesticides and poisons, stop spraying Roundup on the verge of the local and national roads which is carcinogenic and kills bees.
  • Help the people stop unsustainable monocrop plantations like pine, and plant more versatile eco-friendly sustainable crops like hemp.
  • Help the people stop seismic surveys off the cost that are disturbing the marine wildlife. Without which the tourism industry will suffer.
  • Help ban single use plastics and implement a reward system for recycling.
  • Help the people to stop the government from selling off the undeveloped land & resources to the highest bidder, thereby reducing the natural habitat of animals , birds & insects.
  • Implement renewable & efficient energy systems in all municipal building and schools and reward local businesses and households for doing the same.


  • We will protect our natural heritage, by recycling and reusing what we can.
  • We will not waste the precious water & power resources that we have.
  • We will honour and live by our original South African constitution as set out in 1994, that protects all life.
  • We will educate those that do not know any better.