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Plett for Peace 

Event Date: 11 October, 2014


Plett for Peace is a FUN group. We try to make a difference. Our events are FREE and everybody is welcome. A COMMUNAL EVOLUTION TO BE PART OF THE SOLUTION.

EVENT DATE: 11 of October 2014, 6th Annual Festival of light and Literary Festival

VENUE: Beach House Lodge on Hobie Beach

PLEASE NOTE: The venue has been changed from Central Beach to Beach House Lodge on Hobie Beach

The event started with the intention of bringing all people together to build a brighter future, to eradicate racism and to breathe life into the collective desire for peace and unity. 300 people attended the first festival when the theme was “light over darkness”. The second event attracted international attention and saw almost a 1000 people gathering on central beach, where numerous artists and speakers from different religious and cultural backgrounds supported the Greenskin Initiative; the idea being to paint yourself green so that everyone is the same colour, or to wear green in support. Each year has a theme. This year the theme is simply: LOVE.