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Plett Summer School 

Start Date: 01 September, 2019
End Date: 31 March, 2020


All work and no play makes for dull Jacks and Jills.  Plett Summer School will be enriching your life with listings of the workshops, lectures and seminars that you can come and play at, in forums enhancing your skills, expanding your world view and generally keeping you interested and perhaps out of your comfort zone.

For a listing on the Plett Summer School calendar and a link to your webpage on the Plett Tourism website of your workshop, conference or seminar taking place between September and the end of March, fill out this form.

Take advantage of reaching 7 000 newsletter subscribers, 14 000 Facebook followers and 6 000 Instagram and Twitter fans via our social media platforms, as we will be promoting the Plett Summer School on an ongoing basis.

This service is free of charge for participants.

Upcoming Summer School Events

Winter School

Plett Winter School runs from April until the end of August.