Fireworks in Plett
night sky - fireworks in Plett are banned

Fireworks in Plett are banned

While both fireworks and Chinese lanterns are beautiful to behold, the damage they cause is extensive and in many cases, irreparable.

We have all heard about homes burnt down due to fireworks falling on them or in their gardens, as well as injuries when people handle fireworks carelessly or use them to hurt others people and animals.

With a decibel (loudness) level of around 150dB, “big bangs” cause instant, irreparable damage to the inner ear. This applies to people and animals.

Chinese lanterns cause false alarms to be sent to Sea Rescue as they resemble distress flares. Attending to Chinese lanterns takes the rescuers away from their real work and could cost lives.

Both fireworks and Chinese lanterns eventually fall to earth and can cause veld and forest fires, so damaging to the environment and to the creatures living there. Wild creatures are frightened by fireworks and flee from the sight and sound of them. If they are lucky they reach safety. If they are not, they are injured in their panic to get away, burned or even killed.

Domestic animals are not always free to flee and many do not know how to keep themselves safe away from familiar territory. Animal owners who are responsible and caring will do their best to keep their animals from being frightened or hurt by providing them with a secure and safe haven and where necessary providing calming remedies, but sometimes their best is not good enough. They cannot predict when irresponsible people will discharge fireworks and they might be caught unawares.

Burns and injuries from the fireworks, injuries incurred while trying to escape them, being hit by vehicles, being chased and hurt by people who find them unwelcome on their property, being attacked when they flee to places where other animals are territorial or predatory, and so often ending up completely lost far away from home- these are just some of the terrible possibilities when fireworks frighten our dogs, cats, birds, horses and other domestic animals.


This means that fireworks and Chinese lanterns may not be sold or discharged within the municipal area.

Please help to protect our animals (as well as our environment, property and fellow citizens) by reporting the sale or use of fireworks or Chinese lanterns at any time.

To report the sale or use of fireworks or Chinese lanterns please call 044 501 3240 during the day or 086 124 8686 after office hours.

Be assured that the matter will be attended to and that you could save lives by the simple act of making one phone call.