Focus on compassion, courage & cooperation 

Plett at sunrise
Published: March 24th, 2020

Focus on compassion, courage & cooperation in #OnePlett

Dear friends of Plett Tourism

The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic will be defined by choices. Those choices should be based on values, not value. This includes compassion, courage and cooperation. Now is the time to embrace these values when it comes to our own communities AND visitors in our town.

Plett Tourism is working with the relevant government and tourism authorities to ensure our visitors are monitored and adhere to the protocols that have been put into place. The communities of Plettenberg Bay are sympathetic to our visitors situation and trust that their experience in our town will be hospitable, a great relationship-building exercise for future visits.

Our number one priority is to contain the coronavirus. Decisions are being made by each and every one of us as we practice recommended hygiene and physical distancing practices. Together we can make the right choices. Let’s ensure that the messages we are sharing and the conversations we are having are of compassion for the most vulnerable, of coming together – countering the fear and blame.

The tourism sector is fully committed to putting people and their well-being first. Cooperation is vital for ensuring the sector can effectively contribute to the containment of the virus.

While leading with compassion, let us also be vigilant because together we stand as #OnePlett.

Please use the following websites for relevant and approved information from the Western Cape government who are meeting daily with all regions, districts and local municipality representatives: |