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Help the Bitou Covid-19 Response Team
Published: March 26th, 2020

Dear Bitou Resident

Over the past week there have been a series of valuable discussions between the Bitou Municipality, private and public healthcare providers and other role-players and we have subsequently formed the Bitou Covid-19 Response Team,  chaired by Dr Nicola Whiteman, other stakeholders being, Hospice Plett, Plett Tourism, Plett Business Chamber and the medical doctors of Plett.

There are a number of ways in which each resident in our area can play a part in minimizing the impact of this crisis on the well-being of our community.

The generosity of our community was abundantly evident in the response to the 2017 fires. In the current situation, however, holding and distributing donations of food, clothing etc. would constitute a health risk – so we are sincerely asking each of you for whatever monetary contribution you can afford.

A bank account has been set up for these donations and the usage of all funds received will be recorded and available for public inspection. Any funds not used directly in the management of this crisis will either be refunded to donors or, if consent is given, donated to a worthy cause. 

This bank account was made available for use by the Bitou Covid-19 Response Team, by Hospice Plett, who will act as administrators for the receipt and disbursement of donated funds.  Please access the protocol for disbursement and a notice from Hospice Plett regarding the use of their bank account here and a letter from the Hospice Plett Chairman here.

Bank account details:

The PlettAid Foundation
Bank: FNB
Account Number: 62063277472
Branch code: 210514
Beneficiary reference: Covid19 your surname

You can access the donation form here.

Financial contributions notwithstanding donations of any of the following would be most appreciated:

  • Medical equipment: Oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, unused oxygen tubing, nebulisers, masks and other personal protective equipment,
  • Plastic Chairs,
  • Tents and Gazebos to set up outside quarantine facilities.

We would also appreciate the temporary use of any buildings that can be used as potential quarantine venues. These facilities should preferably have adequate water supply, rooms to quarantine patients and, ideally, beds.  You can access the equipment or venue  donations form here.

We will be creating a database of volunteers.  You can access the volunteer form here.  We will ensure that the services of all vulnerable volunteers (older than 65, those with comorbidities including diabetes, hypertension, lung pathology etc) will be used in areas that won’t put them at increased risk of contracting the virus. We are specifically looking for trained medical personnel such as nurses, paramedics, carers, doctors, veterinarians as well as counsellors.  

For more information please email

We are in the process of creating a Bitou Covid-19 hotline and the number will be released shortly.

In the interim please follow the NICD guidelines and cooperate with the South African lockdown:

  • remain at home,
  • practice social distancing (treat every person outside the home as a potential case and behave as if you were asymptomatically positive even if you feel fine)
  • only one person should leave the house at a time and only if it is essential
  • wash and/or sanitise hands regularly
  • avoid touching your face
  • eat a healthy diet
  • wear a mask when leaving the house
  • remove shoes outside when returning home
  • sanitise all items bought before they are taken into the house
  • clean hands before entering the house

Yours in hope and courage,
Bitou Covid-19 Response Team

In association with Hospice Plett, the doctors of Plettenberg Bay, Plett Chamber of Business, Plett Tourism and Bitou Municipality.