Holiday makers reminded of what they don’t want to go back to 

Careers24 sandcastle on central beach in Plett
Published: January 16th, 2015

Issued by: Careers24 | 15 Jan 2015

Holidaymakers reminded of what they don't want to go back to - Careers24Beachgoers to Camps Bay and Plettenberg Bay encountered an unexpected scene over the holidays: a rather ordinary-looking office – complete with a filing cabinet, laptop, and a wilted-looking pot plant. While this mundane visual is certainly not astonishing for the majority of those who are desk-bound throughout the year, what did make this scene an unusual one was that this everyday office appeared on the beach

…And it was constructed entirely out of sand.

These unique sand sculptures were deliberately built on Camps Bay and Plett Central beach in the middle of the holidays (29 December 2014 and 5 January 2015 respectively), so as to have maximum impact. Created by Reon Zeff – one of the world’s best sand sculptors – the installation was an awareness initiative from Careers24, South Africa’s top job portal. 

Nadia Boucher Coombe, Head of Marketing for, explains: “The end or beginning of a year is typically the period where people reflect on the past year, and are open to considering different directions. We wanted to remind people – in a fun and memorable way – that if the sight of their office fills them with dread, they have the power to change this and get a career they can be proud of.”

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