A Plett Youth feeling re-imagined 

Published: June 15th, 2020
Wandisile's Plett - A blog by Wandisile Sebezo

Wandisile’s Plett

A blog by Wandisile Sebezo.

Plett youth offer hot meals to Kwano Clinic patients

“Each generation must out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfil it or betray it” Frantz Fanon.

When the idea of ‘Winter Warming’ was born in 2017, I wrote; “June in the South African political calendar is considered a youth month, its roots in the June 16 1976 uprising, where scores of young people responded to the imposition of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in Black public schools by taking to the streets to voice their dissatisfaction. Over the last 23 years of our democracy, June 16 has been considered a youth day, where young people are obligated to commemorate the youth of 1976.”

In 2017 when we did the Winter Warming initiative we said no to political speeches and rallies, and opted rather to do something practical.

The Winter Warming Initiative then called on all young people to donate monies from as little as R50; we then used the proceeds to donate food parcels to ECD Centres in Kwano, I think about 15 at the time.

Partly because of COVID-19 we have reignited the initiative; the goal is still to commemorate the youth of 76, but this year with a twist, by offering hot meals to patients at the Kwano Clinic.

We understand that most of these patients arrive as early as 5 AM to either collect their medications or coming in for a doctor’s visit, some on empty stomachs. It is this gap the initiative seeks to fill.

On Saturday 13 June, the Winter Warming Initiative offered hot meals to essential workers, taxi drivers and general members of the public.

Tomorrow, June 16, Winter Warming will be stationed next to Kwano Clinic offering hot meals to members of the public, and on Thursday 18 June, the initiative will be offering hot meals to Kwano Clinic Patients. The initiative is run independently from government and political parties.

We invite those who wish to participate either with their time or contribute by donating food, coffee or even blankets.

To enquire, please call Wandisile on +27 73 755 2123.