Tourism Industry Terminology
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Tourism Industry Terminology

Like most industries, the tourism industry has a lot of jargon, abbreviations and acronyms and it is ever changing and evolving. It’s easy to get confused when talking to ‘people-in-the-know’ – you may find yourself trying to decipher an acronym and in doing so missing the rest of the conversation.

So we’ve compiled a list of terminology for the Tourism Industry to help you. If you have anything to add, please get in touch.

  • ATTA: African Travel and Tourism Association
  • DEDAT: Department of Economic Development and Tourism
  • Digital Nomad: A person who chooses a location-independent, technology-enabled lifestyle that allows them to travel and work remotely, anywhere in the world
  • DMC: Destination Marketing Company
  • DMO: Destination Marketing Organization
  • DRDLR: Department of Rural Development and Land Reform
  • Ecotourism: Catering for tourists wishing to experience the natural environment without damaging it or disturbing its habitats.
  • FAM: Familiarization Tour
  • FIT: Foreign Independent Traveler, self-drive
  • Glamping: Camping accommodation which is ready and waiting for you, usually a framed shelter with electricity and running water.
  • GRKK: Garden Route and Klein Karoo
  • GVA: Gross Value Add
  • IDP: Integrated Development Plan
  • Inbound Tour Operator: A tour operator who plans itineraries and organises travel arrangements or conducts tours for travellers
  • LED: Local Economic Development
  • LTO: Local Tourism Organisation
  • LSM: Living Standards Measure is a marketing research tool in Southern Africa dividing the population into groups from highest to lowest
  • NDT: National Department of Tourism
  • PAA: Plett Accommodation Association
  • PAX: The number of passengers, guests, diners or participants in a group
  • PBC: Plett Business Chamber
  • PDI: Previously Disadvantaged Individual
  • Rack Rate: Standard daily rate for accommodation etc. which is published in brochures, on websites etc.
  • PT: Plett Tourism
  • RTO: Regional Tourism Office
  • SAT: South African Tourism
  • SATIB: Safari and Tourism Insurance Brokers
  • SATSA: Southern Africa Tourism Services Association
  • SCEP: South Cape Economic Development Partnership
  • Slackpacking: ‘Backpacking’ without having to actually carry your backpack with you. A portage service ensures your bag arrives at the next destination while you enjoy the journey.
  • STO Rate: Sell to Tour Operator rate
  • TBCSA: Tourism Business Council South Africa
  • T&T: Travel and trade 
  • Voluntourism: When volunteers contribute their time to work for organisations or causes outside their respective home countries, in sectors like health promotion, education and environmental conservation
  • Wesgro: The Western Cape Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency
  • WIP: Work in Progress
  • WTM: World Travel Market