Keep Plett Clean Campaign 

recycling bins in Plett
Published: December 28th, 2014

Recycling bins in Plett

Going the extra mile to keep Plett shining

During your visit to our bustling town take a look around – along Main Street, our beautiful beaches and throughout the residential areas. You may notice how colourful, sparkly and clean the town is looking. What a tremendous feeling it is to walk along pristine walkways, litter-free cobblestone pathways and busy area sidewalks. A silent but proactive initiative called “The Keep Plett Clean Campaign” has steadily gained momentum over the past year to bring about a change in Plett’s environment.

Brought about by a small group of concerned residents, the campaign has focused working with the Bitou Municipality to not only keep the CBD neat and tidy, but to ensure that Plett’s tourist image maintains the high levels and standards needed to keep visitors returning in the future.

While Plett has always had functional and generally well-run litter and cleanliness systems in place, the group’s intention was to take this to the next level, with a strong focus on litter, upkeep of public areas and the beautification of key points in the town through their planting of indigenous gardens.

In March of 2014, the group hired the services of Patrick Windvogel, who works for five days of the week to maintain the cleanliness of the CBD and public areas. You often see Patrick throughout town whistling his way to make their dream a reality. The results of his incredible enthusiasm and energetic effort are now without doubt what make Plett one of the tidiest towns in the country.

While the campaign continues in its strive to keep Plett spick and span, through its own clean-up’s on Tuesday evenings and the help of Patrick during the week, working alongside the municipality and municipal law enforcement is a vital part of the process. The campaign will continue to keep close communication with council and the municipal officials involved, in an effort to keep a healthy working relationship between both parties.

Most of all, the campaign creates awareness. Awareness amongst the public, that keeping the town tidy is of benefit to all. May it continue to grow and become a model for the effectiveness of public and municipal collaboration.

Keep Plett Clean Campaign