Kia Summer Slam (International Beach Tennis) 

Plett beach tennis 16 Dec 2018 Reconciliation Day
Published: November 6th, 2019

What’s it all about?

International Beach tennis is believed to be the fun tennis of the future- played in many locations all over the world. Played with a paddle and ball, it appeals to people from all walks of life, and South Africa is lucky to be one of 47 countries where this game can be found on our beautiful beaches.

The 2018 December series will form part of the event circuit which will see four events take place over two weeks, starting 8 December.

Top ranking players will be taking part in the last leg of the tournament from the 15th to the 22nd of December right here in Plettenberg Bay, which will be the 5th richest beach tennis tournament in the world in terms of prize money. The first two events (Cape St. Francis and Knysna) will have a 16 qualifying and 16 main draw, while the two events in Plettenberg Bay will have a 24 qualifying and 24 main draw.

Courts, stands and a bar will be set up on Central Beach, where all the fun and excitement can be found. The games will be taking part between 10h00 and 21h00, so be sure to swing by to witness some of the action.

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