Homegrown talent – KING MELISIZWE 

King Melisizwe
Published: February 21st, 2022

Homegrown talent – KING MELISIZWE: performing artist, music producer, storyteller.

“I’ve been an Artist for as long as I can remember. I studied sound engineering at the SABC Academy called ASE. During my time there, I learned about music production on films as well and radio. This gave me the ability to shoot my own music videos with the help of friends who are qualified filmmakers. The experience taught me more about film production.”

The shy young boy who danced alone to rap music in his room in Bossiesgif is still as busy as ever. King Melisizwe has grown into a talented, driven man, with a passion for sharing selflessly all the tricks of the trade he’s picked up along the way. We had a quick catch-up to see what is new on his hit list for 2022.

It is true that King Melisizwe started from the very bottom, but he armed himself with skills before he took the entertainment scene by storm? We asked the talented young man about his background in communications.

King Melisizwe insists that an education is paramount to anyone’s success in the industry. Talent gets you only so far. Excellent advice by anyone’s standards.

For those readers who do not yet know, the brave and industrious King Melisizwe started his own entertainment channel. We asked him about that.

“I learned a lot during my years of experience as an artist in Joburg. Artists, who created their own opportunities so that they could build up their hometowns, surrounded me. None of them waited for TV channels to play their stuff. Instead, they took advantage of mediums such as the internet for publicity as the internet is free. That was one of my inspirations. However, the main goal was to have a platform to promote Small Town Artists’ ideas. I wanted to use my channel to expose local talent and skills.”

“What is your goal for Small Town Tivi?” we asked King Melisizwe.

“My goals are fivefold. One, to broaden the scope where unlimited opportunities are created through talent recognition. Two, to create inclusivity for people to move forward and develop talent through showcasing. Three, to discover, scout and expose talent and skills within our beautiful nation. Four, to create artists from Plett who will become internationally recognised stars, so that they too have the opportunity to give back to their communities by being responsible entrepreneurs. Five, to create job opportunities in Plett.”

We were curious to know where King Melisizwe saw Small Town Tivi in the foreseeable future. In response to this, he replied “I see the platform growing in terms of numbers, followers and YouTube subscribers. This growth would allow us to attract funding so we can have our own film equipment. My long-term goal is to see Small Town Tivi Channel expanding to other small towns in the Garden Route. There we will shoot episodes to increase the channel’s following and YouTube subscribers. That way many small-town people will have a platform they can claim as their own.”

King is not shy to share advice with the younger generation, and he understands the need to push others to strive for success. He comments, “My advice is simple. First, make sure this is the industry that they really want to get into, because it requires hard work and tenacity. Then, school is important. People in my line of work must be willing to think out of the box. Doing research is very important because I didn’t learn everything I know from school alone. I had to do a lot of travelling, reading, experience and research.”

Being an artist has not come without a few struggles, particularly during a pandemic. Like many artists, King has a ‘wish list’ that would help him succeed and possibly contribute to the success of others.

“There is a lot on my wish list for Small Town Tivi. Small Town Family Entertainment is a record label that has signed two artists from Plett. The mission is to establish the artists in Plett as nationally recognised. This requires a lot of hard work, connections, teamwork and a budget. For now we are managing to go forward without having all the above.

“Small Town Tivi is one of the projects from Small Town Family Entertainment. Our aim is to take the show nationwide, with a full camera kit and transportation for the travelling crew. We wish to shoot in every small town in South Africa.

In addition, hopefully, one day our show will get a contract with one of the TV Channels like SABC, e.tv or one of the DSTV channels.”

Something tells us it will not be long before all these goals and wishes are realized. We wish you every success, King Melisizwe.

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