LGBTQ+ travel in Plett

LGBTQ+ Travel & the Pink Dollar

Plett Tourism’s new ‘Feel the love’ LGBTQ+ travel awareness campaign is focused on growing the travel industry in Plett and along the Garden Route. Reinventing and adapting our tourism industry and marketing approach is key to a quick recovery. The LGBTQ+ travel market is the fastest-growing travel niche globally and is one of the few markets that continues to thrive in all categories and avenues of travel.

Any company or business would be crazy to miss out on the ‘pink dollar’.

To help local businesses, as well as our own community, it is vital that we understand the dynamics of this important travel group and its potential role in rebuilding our post-pandemic economy. It is our goal to equip local businesses with the tools to help us promote Plettenberg Bay as an LGBTQ+ safe and desirable destination.

Participate & help promote Plett as an LGBTQ+ safe, desirable travel destination

How to participate with the Plett Tourism ‘Feel the love’ Awareness Campaign

  1. Collect your Window Display Stickers from the Plett Tourism office (large for establishment window display and small for room folders, menus, vehicle windows, etc.)
  2. Download the Special Branded Images and use them on your digital media platforms
  3. Download the researched LGBTQ+ Hashtags on your digital media platforms
  4. Download the Plett ‘Feel the love’ Logos and use them on your email signatures, website, business cards, letterhead, etc
  5. Register and participate with the next LGBTQ+ Travel Workshop with Plett Tourism
  6. Follow and engage with these LGBTQ+ Travel Influencers (coming soon)