Lookout beach views and minimal footprint conserved 

bungee structure on central beach Plett
Published: December 26th, 2019

Having been inundated with complaints concerning the location of a bungee structure which, to the concern of locals and visitors alike, suddenly appeared on Lookout Beach without explanation, obstructing what was previously a clear natural sky line and not conforming with the Plett brand ethos of preserving the natural beauty of the Bitou area and unspoilt beaches, Plett Tourism took the initiative and with the cooperation of the owner, Bitou Beach Management and the Economic Development department of the municipality, arranged to have the structure removed to Central Beach which is the designated area for all of Plett’s sporting and leisure activities.

Plett Tourism received no prior notification of the intention to locate the device on Lookout Beach and is happy to report that it is being immensely enjoyed by the visitors on Central Beach.

Kids R50, teens R100 and adults R120.

Watch it in action below