Meet Our ‘Friends of the Festival’ – Part 1 

Published: October 30th, 2018

One of the most heart-warming, and important, aspects of Plett hosting the Student Rage festival is the support provided from the local business community to make sure that our young visitors get the most out of the experience. ‘Friends of the Festival’ has been running for a few years now, and with each passing year, the volume of restaurants, retailers and outlets joining the scheme keeps growing. Over the course of the next few blogs we’ll be capturing the enthusiasm and gusto of those companies involved and what it means to be so closely and officially connected to Plett Rage 2018 as a ‘Friend of the Festival’.

rage blog friends part 1

‘Pro Dive is happy to be getting involved in the Plett Rage as a ‘Friend of the Festival’, as we would like to encourage students to take the opportunity of doing adventure sports during their time here.

Located at the Beacon Isle Hotel and a National Geographic PADI Centre, Pro Dive can offer the Ragers excellent training facilities and spectacular dives sites. Scuba Diving in Plettenberg Bay offers a firework display of colourful soft corals, anemones and sponges and rich marine life including shy sharks, rays, octopus and many species of reef fish. Reef topography includes wall dives, caves and swim-throughs, a must to explore.

As part of our commitment to the Festival will be offering prospective divers a Plett Rage Offer of 2 for the price of 1’

- Monique Hansen, Pro Dive


‘As a business owner and a being member of the local community for a good few years, I have watched Plett Rage grow from a small festival where fliers were being handed out on the beach to encourage visitors to attend the parties, to the massive and well organised event it has become.  It is with pride that our town hosts this event every year. Ragers perhaps don’t realise the massive support given by the Plett community. Many people give unselfishly of their time and resources to help ensure that the event is safe and successful, ultimately resulting in a good experience for the visitors to our town. It is our hope that the young visitors will go on to become lifelong visitors to Plett, as many generations before them have become.

Steers Plettenberg Bay being the only 24-hour fast food business in Plett, has always enjoyed good support from Ragers. What could be better than a Flame Grilled burger and chips at 3AM?  In addition, we have also added Debonairs Pizza to our offering at Shell Ultra City. We are quite excited to see how the Ragers will take advantage of the convenience of ordering on the app as well as free deliveries for both Debonairs and Steers during the Rage week!’

- Charles Roberts, Steers & Debonairs


We, as a family, fell in love with Plett in 1995 with our first visit. Since then we came back every year and even bought a holiday flat meaning increasing our visits to 3 times a year. We were tourist’s way back then but for the last 5 years we have made Plett our home and that is why our establishment, Yellow Wood Spur, is involved. We believe tourism is the key driver for Plett’s economy.

We need more tourist’s every year, so what better start than being involved with Rage to introduce the youth to Plett. So that they can come back to Plett for many years to come. Like the Spur slogan we want to give them “A Taste for Life” with warm and friendly service. We are on the beach so it easy to get to us for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We will also have our mobile caravan at Coco Valley, where we will sell burgers and chips at a very good price every night.’

- Riaan and Ruan Smit, Yellow Wood Spur


‘We love it when Ragers come to experience our beautiful town as it fills the place with so much laughter, music, fun and joy! It’s a real party time and The Biltong Boutique at Market Square, next to Woolies, is at the Ragers disposal to provide the much-needed energy boost when they need it, by providing a wide variety of biltong treats. Here’s to another successful Plett Rage 2018!’

Willie Els, The Biltong Boutique


‘We really love being a part of the ‘Friends of the Festival’, because at Off the Hook we pride ourselves in supporting local products to uplift the community.

Plett Rage is a local initiative, a product of immense time and energy contributed by the amazing people of this town. We will be offering 10% off all meals for participating Ragers, as well as other specialized promotions.

Here’s to celebrating a week of freedom!’

– The Team at Off the Hook


‘We always try and support Rage at the club as we believe that the youth are our future and the Ragers always seem to have awesome experience in Plett. The hope is that they will want to spend many future holidays here and will eventually become homeowners and/or business owners in our town.

Plett Rage brings a huge economic injection but much more than, in my opinion, as the best run event in Plett, if you have youngsters at Rage age this is where you want to send them for a fun, well organised and most importantly safe rage experience.

We look forward to welcoming each and every Rager to the club this year and send them off on their future endeavours with a bucket load of good memories.’

– Sue Van Der Gaast, Plett Ski Boat Club


‘Plett Rage is a fabulous event for our small town. Thousands of young and vibrant people celebrate the end of their school years by enjoying our great weather, beaches and beautiful natural surrounds, hiking, biking, boating and of course riding on horseback!  Live music venues, dance parties and numerous restaurants provide a lively night life and our whole town comes alive with vibrant energy and beautiful young people. Ragers also need to know how Plett locals appreciate the support of our small businesses – we do! And we know that in years to come they shall return to our little town!

‘With Hog Hollow Horse and Carriage Trails, Ragers can enjoy a trail on horseback through forest and farmland to attractions nearby such as wine farms, animal sanctuaries and a picnic at the magnificent Kurland Hotel. They can also join our fun and informative horse drawn carriage through the Crags Winelands, tasting local wines and eating tapas style lunches at a selection of two wine farms – a perfect activity for a group of special friends to enjoy.  Plett Ragers will benefit from a 10% discount off all our rates!’

– Debbie Fermor, Hog Hollow Horse & Carriage Trails.


Becoming a ‘Friend of the Festival’ is easy. Simply contact Daron Smit, Andy Smit or Louise Whitehead at The Worx on 044 533 0816 or send an email to them on, or and they’ll tell you all that you need to know!



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