Meet the waddlers – Rehab penguins to be released 

penguin release
Published: March 19th, 2021

Meet the rehab penguins being released this Saturday

How better to start your weekend off than by watching four African Penguins waddle their way back into the ocean. Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation and Awareness Centre has done a great job at rehabilitating these wonderful and wacky birds and they are now ready to enter the big blue again.

penguin release

Meet the waddlers, with the two birds closest to the camera having travelled from Knysna on separate occasions and have become inseparable since. The closest penguin was admitted with an arrested moult and some fresh chest scars from suspected boat propellers, however, the wounds healed nicely and it now has a beautiful new adult plumage.

The penguin standing directly behind was admitted as an adult already and stayed by the other’s side during its moult, even preening off old feathers. How special to now be released together! The far penguin underwent serious treatment for Malaria and is now fully recovered and just recently moulted into its adult plumage too. The last penguin is a juvenile and still in the bonding stages with the other penguins but doing very well.

These resilient little waddlers each have such interesting stories and personalities, so come down and join us on Lookout Beach this Saturday 20th March at 8:30 for 9am for our 1st release of the year!

The Grand Lookout has a Penguin Breakfast waiting for you, a percentage will be donated to African Penguin rehabilitation at Tenikwa.

If you would like to donate, there will be cash boxes on the release day OR there is a standing fish fund at Robberg Fine Foods where you can donate instore or via eft:

Bank: FNB 210514
Account Number: 53375052909
Reference: TEN002

Buy a ticket via Quicket here

Or via the links found on the website.