Monika Rowe congratulates Plett 

Published: January 19th, 2015

Good day,

I would like to address this email to the Bitou Municipality, the whole Plett Tourism Team and every single person involved that makes Plettenberg Bay this amazing place.

We were fortunate enough to spend three weeks over Christmas and New Year in Plett and not once in my 22 years in South Africa have I been so deeply impressed by a community as yours. The word Community is too often used, where not at all applicable. However can a visitor feel, see and experience, that a teamwork is taking place between residents and municipality, to make Plett a special place and to cherish and treasure what nature has given to this amazing part of South Africa.

We were deeply impressed, how clean your town, water quality and beaches are and even after the mass partying over the festive days, helpers were organised to get it back to a clean, hygienic state in no time. One could experience, that business owners knew, when to offer a great service of extended hours and product availability. Your activities in and around your area were just amazing and very entertaining for all age groups. As parents of three teenagers, we felt that they were most of the time very safe to walk around and enjoy the night fires at the beach, which of course was a huge treat.

Congratulations and from the bottom of my heart many thanks to everyone, for providing us with a stunning holiday playground for the whole family to enjoy an amazing, clean, safe and very delicious holiday.

Should you be open to constructive criticism, then I would say, that alcohol age control at the various party places should be reinforced.

An educational program for the festive season party goers, celebrating for hours along the streets, parks and beaches, should be instilled. Seeing everyone celebrating Christmas and the beginning of a New Year in public gives Plett a very special atmosphere, however do I think, that it is terribly disrespectful towards the town and the clean up team, who are spending hours and hours picking up an unbelievable mess made by ignorant people. It most probably costs the municipality a huge amount of money, which could be invested differently.

Your town for sure deserves only the best and I hope that you are an example to the rest of South Africa.

We are looking forward spending many more holidays in your Plett.

Warmest regards,
Monika Rowe