Murray Pienaar 

Published: May 14th, 2015

Murray-Pienaar-on-KoekedoorMurray Pienaar – Kyknet Koekedoor Finalist, Entrepreneur, Oenologist, Foodie, Marketing Consultant, Sustainable Development Specialist –  is our celebrity baker at the PLETT FOOD FILM FESTIVAL on Saturday 11th July for the children’s movie FEAST. 

I believe “We come to this world to make it better” and therefore all the things I am passionate about and working towards also share this philosophy.

When people ask me what I do for a living I will almost always tell them that I am an entrepreneur. Throughout my life I came across so many things that fascinated me, that later became my passions, that it is almost impossible to choose just one of these directions.

Growing up on a farm I lived very close to the natural environment and experienced first-hand what tremendous impact the responsible farming and business practices followed by my parents had on our environment and our community. Sustainable Development is therefore very close to my heart. 

plett-food-film-festival-250My different interests, my upbringing from childhood and my education have led me to different projects that I am currently actively working on and some of the future projects that will sprout from my work today.

Please visit my website at if you wish to find out more about me and the projects I am currently working on.