N2 Lounge gives back to the community 

sanitary towel donation murray high n2 lounge
Published: September 10th, 2018

The new kids at the block, the N2 Lounge, have outdone themselves this past month by showing us that in business, it’s not always about the bottom line, but also about giving back to the community.

The lounge has donated about 140 sanitary towels to the girls of Murray High School in Kwano, closing the gap that is faced by many young ladies who miss school because they can’t afford the much needed sanitary towels.

This gesture by N2 Lounge is challenging all of us, not only to spare a thought for those in need, but to go an extra step by doing something about it. The Lounge owners say, “Donating sanitary towels to girls should not only happen during the month of August; it should be an all- year programme.”

A special thanks to Mosdell, Pama and Cox Attorneys, Greenwood Bay College, Sylvia Mtshamba, Janine Coetsee and former Bitou Municipality CFO Mbulelo Memani amongst those who donated towards this cause.

sanitary towel donation murray high n2 lounge