New overnight Cape Kayak Camino in Plett 

Published: October 5th, 2018

Johan Loots, psychologist, teacher, author and pioneer sea-kayak tour operator tells about the inspiration for his company Real Cape Adventures’ new overnight Cape Kayak Camino in Plettenberg Bay.

Real Cape Adventures cc, founded in 1995 in anticipation of a surge of curious and eco-sensitive visitors, has introduced a new product to showcase the African wilderness. Its goal: to provide visitors with genuine local activities and experiences, one of which was to explore parts of the beautiful coast by kayak. To this end it established and promoted sea kayak operations in Cape Town, Plettenberg Bay and beyond. Recently a chance meeting led to a new operation in Northern Spain, which is now registered as the first official kayak tour on the celebrated Camino de Santiago. This inspired the establishment in Plett of a route emphasizing personal contemplation ahead of sight-seeing and brief thrills.

New overnight Cape Kayak Camino in Plett

Paddlers on the Cape Kayak Camino on Plett’s Keurbooms River

The guided Cape Kayak Camino tour transits the entire Plettenberg Bay lagoon eco-system in two days of easy and safe paddling and one night’s comfortable camping enjoying traditional cuisine on the edge of the lagoon. In a sliver of nature regarded by many as the country’s best, a kayak is the ideal means of encountering it, offering participants a personal and close-up experience without disturbing or polluting the very environment one is in.

On the tour you are encouraged to reflect upon the surprising wilderness about you, whilst physically engaging it. The route includes the lower reaches of the seaside estuary brimming with marine life, the meandering Bitou sheltering a rich diversity of bird species in the reed marshes and the majestic Keurbooms gorge with its overhangs, dense Afromontane forest and enchanting ribbon of water, gold-tinted from the tannin leeching into it from the lush vegetation. A delicate balance holds sway and even lone leopard still roam free here. Enjoying the excitement, wonder and healing which each stroke brings, you may well think: “At last, Eden found!”

Book now for Real Cape Adventure’s Cape Kayak Camino’s unique wilderness encounter in the heart of the Cape’s Garden Route. Tours run from January to June, departing four times a week. Out of season, special interest groups and corporates are accommodated. The adventure is suited to most ordinarily healthy visitors with or without paddling experience.

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