NSRI’s safety tips for the summer holidays 

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Published: December 3rd, 2019

NSRI Safety Tips

The NSRI has issued some safety tips for the summer holidays while in and around the water, on the beach or hiking along the coastline. Safety saves lives.

1. Swim at beaches where and when lifeguards are on duty.

2. Swim between the lifeguard’s flags.

3. Don’t drink alcohol and then swim.

4. Don’t swim alone. Always swim with a buddy.

5. Adult supervision and barriers to water are vital.

6. Know how to survive rip currents.

7. Don’t attempt a rescue yourself.

8. Watch children who are using floating objects, toys or tire tubes at the beach or on dams very carefully. Never use these if the wind may blow them away from the shallow water.

9. Do not be distracted by your cell phone or social media. While you are looking after children in or near water you need to focus on them and nothing else.

10. Learn how to do CPR. Have the emergency numbers saved in your phone.

The emergency number for Plett’s NSRI is 082 990 5975.

nsri safety tips around water