Phakama Kwa-Nokuthula, as we showcase the community’s new mural 

Mural on Kwa-Nokuthula Stadium Walls
Published: June 9th, 2021
by Siphokazi Mnyobe

Mural Brings life to Kwa-Nokuthula Stadium Walls

It looks like the future of artist in Kwa-Nokuthula is bright, as Siyabulela Mdoda introduces a Mural to Kwano youth.

A story of Kasi Life, vision, and aspirations is told on a mural in Kwa-Nokuthula stadium walls.

This community’s new outdoor mural held the youth, as they went through the four days of spray painting the wall, bringing the community’s vision into a powerful visual.

The unveiling of the mural took place on the 28th of May 2021, after a three-week process. Planning for the mural included four phases, each phase was an integral part of the development of the project which led to the final unveiling of the mural.

The first phase was planning, which included finding a wall to host the mural. The second phase was getting the community together to have a conversation about the impact the mural would have on the locals and potential tourists, for Siya’s mural project getting input from the community is fundamental. Phase three was conceptualising and painting the mural, and the last phase was an unveiling attended by contributing artists and key stakeholders in the project.

This mural project was funded by the National Arts Council, under the Isizwe Stimulus Individual Programme.

Siyabulela Mdoda, also known as Siya, was introduced to the arts by his uncle, in King Williams Town where he was born. Art was in his blood, and after falling in love he decided to move to East London where he received fundamental basic skills for the creation of visual arts at a local art gallery.

After traveling all over South Africa attending exhibitions, arts festivals and events, Siya moved to Plettenberg Bay where he found a home in Kwa-Nokuthula.

“Wherever I go, I leave a mark,” says Siya. This local, proud artist has dreams of uplifting everyone who is inspired by his work and providing opportunities for those who want to extend a hand by introducing the area youth to the arts.

Though he doesn’t know how long he is planning to stay in Plett, he believes his stay here could be beneficial to the youth.

With the installation of this mural, Siya dreams of hope for all local artists who have been inspired to become in the Arts Industry.

Local aspiring artist Nyaniso Donovan Dyossop, who worked with Siya on this project, said, “I wish this program could continue, there are many artists in Kwano, that would jump at the opportunity to showcase their craft”.

He also commented, “I am grateful I was able to showcase my skills, the mural will bring life to the walls in Kwano.”

One of the kids who expressed a fascination is local resident Qhawe, aged 12. He kept Siya and the other artists on their toes as he would guess what was being created as he watched daily. “I’ve never seen a live artist before and I’ve never seen anyone do this type of art – this is something I have only seen on TV,” he said.

Mural on Kwa-Nokuthula Stadium Walls IMG_2531

Though I have seen Bhut Siya before, I did not know what kind of work he does. I for one, am happy to know that in Kwano we also have someone to look up to in our community who is an artist and interested to teach his skills to other interested individuals.

In my opinion, having murals in different locations throughout Plett will enhance our community and could possibly become an exciting new tourist attraction. Wouldn’t it be great for tourists who visit the area to be taken on an art tour; speaking with the artist and listening to their stories about what the art means to them. The possibilities are endless!

“There is great power in public art, and we are excited about this new addition to Kwano. Murals help bring customers to locations, they may attract new business and will more than likely boost the economy. This is hopefully the start of other creative opportunities to be showcased. Community murals and public art can transform space,” says Patty Butterworth (CEO, Plett Tourism). 

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