Plett Adventure, C2C 

Published: March 23rd, 2022

The packing has started for our little C2C (Carnarvon to Coast) bike adventure.

Water bottles: ✔️  Bivy bag:✔️ First Aid kit:✔️ Gortex jacket:✔️ Teddy:✔️ And on and on goes the list until suddenly you realise…. “ Hang on “ I have to carry all of this ! And where am I going to put it all?? Small bike carrier and Backpack ain’t going to do it. 

So slowly but surely you go thru the list again and you realise how little one actually needs but how easily we get sucked into needing everything….. the greatest latest gadgets ….but in real life all you need is water, food, warm shelter or clothes, good company and “gees”.

So here we are ready for our little adventure with only the bare minimum, unassisted, our maps and no set plan. 

Adventure Racing Team of Plett with Petrus and Jeanette

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