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petrus maree - plett adventure racing team
Published: April 19th, 2017

petrus maree - plett adventure racing teamIf adventure activities press all your buttons, get ready for the trip of a lifetime. Plett offers a spectacular circuit of unusual sights and adventures. Experience the crazy thrills of kloofing around in the Crags before heading to Robberg Nature Reserve, where you may just witness one of our yearly migratory guests – Humpback whales, Southern Right whales, Orca whales, great white sharks or one of the three different dolphin species.

Plett is on your to-do list with mountain biking, hiking, skydiving, bungy jumping and watersports of all varieties, as well as beautiful beaches for long, relaxing strolls at the end of the day.

Journey between Tsitsikamma and Harkerville and back again to Plett town central, taking in some of our best outdoor and wildlife adventures. Discover the indigenous forests of Kranshoek and Salt River – both excellent hiking destinations. Experience the many animal sanctuaries and rehabilitation centres – a fantastic experience for kids of all ages.

Spend some time in the adventure capital of the Garden Route, creating your own memorable Plett experience.



Plett Tourism profiles the new Plett Adventure Race Team, a four-member devoted team soon to fly the flag for Plett.

You may see them cycling, running, paddling and navigating their way around Plett, conquering our indigenous mountains, bountiful valleys and alluring rivers along the way. With their amazing new adventure wardrobe, keep an eye out for our team!

The Plett Adventure Racing Team: Petrus Maree, Kate Southey, Drew Scott and Andrew Damp

The Plett Adventure Racing Team: Petrus Maree, Kate Southey, Drew Scott and Andrew Damp


Meet Andrew Damp, owner of a Timber Construction business

Age: 48
Birthplace: Durban

Passion for adventure racing: The attraction to adventure racing for me is the opportunity to work together as a team, to explore new areas in our beautiful backyard. I’m inspired by my recent midlife crisis and of course, my own natural curiosity of exploring Plett.

Ultimate adventure experience: It’s impossible to name one as there are so many that stand out, as each event I have taken part in has had its own unique experience, from coastal beauty to untouched indigenous forests.


Meet Petrus Maree, architectural designer and projects coordinator

Age: 39
Birthplace: Northern Cape

Passion for adventure racing: The dynamic nature of adventure sports is unlike any other, with so many elements to incorporate.  It’s the love of exploring and nature that keeps me driven. My passion for adventure evolved from hiking to trail running to mountain biking to paddling to doing it all at the same time non-stop for days!  I was fortunate to have many mentors over the years that have shaped me in the sport.

Living in Plett: Plett is abundant with mountains, rivers, forests and ocean, you can’t help but want to spend time exploring all of this. It becomes a lifestyle and in Plett it is all easily accessible, from your doorstep. I consider myself extremely privileged to call this home, the hardest part is deciding if you’re in the mood for a cycle, run, paddle or swim when you wake up…the options are endless.

Plans for future adventure: To take part in international events of which the first is in September in Canada with the Raid International Gaspesie.  Being lost in the right direction!


Meet Drew Scott, Plett Adventure Race Team Navigator and local “Nursery Man”

Age: 45
Birthplace: Cape Town

Passion for adventure racing: The challenge of getting from A to B through nature by one’s own means, offers a natural sense of achievement and adventure that taps into our ancestral blueprint. To keep moving, navigating and exploring all in one sport is special and keeps me longing for more. Many years ago I enjoyed doing off-road multi discipline events, Eden Duo was probably the first event and was only 200km but that seemed really long at the time.

Living in Plett: Plett offers the best training ground any adventure athlete could wish for. I have lived here for 15 years and am still finding hidden gems from waterfalls to kloofs, to mountain and more. Our natural beauty is unrivalled and I still jump up and down with joy and pure amazement at our natural beauty when training.  It is true adventure racing bliss to train in Plett.

Ultimate adventure experience: The EA 2016 I rate as one of my best races. The weather was perfect, the scenery mind blowing, our team dynamic was fantastic and I never really felt out of my comfort zone. It was just a great race.


Meet Kate Southey, school teacher

Age: 32
Birthplace: Kwa-Zulu Natal

Passion for adventure racing: A large part of adventure racing is strategy. When do you sleep? Which route do you take? After an event you are always driven by the question of ‘what if’. These questions drive you to race again to try different strategies. For a long time I participated in each of the disciplines separately; adventure racing was the natural progression to fit all the sports I enjoy into one event.

Living in Plett: Plett is an exceptional playground for adventure sports, any sport for that matter. Plett’s environment allows you to create your own unique lifestyle around your sporting activities, social life and work.