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Adventure Racing Team Liquorice all sorts

Published: January 5th, 2022
Adventure Racing Team Liquorice all sorts Liquorice all sorts for Plett Adventure Racing Team at Riversdale 36hr Adventure Race Congratulations to the team for finishing this epic 36-hour race in second place!

The Riversdale 36hr race saw the Plett Adventure Racing Team team up with two new members making us an interesting bag of “Liquorice all sorts”:  Hanno Smit, the adventure race legend, representing the good old back liquorice, Petrus the machine as the double-decker chocolate liquorice, Pax the unknown flavour, and Netski the mandatory pink liquorice with the potent black inside! All teams had to do a prologue in the cute little town of Riversdale which then determined the time teams would start in the early ...more

Sweat, Cable Ties and Sportsmanship

Published: November 3rd, 2021
Sweat, Cable Ties and Sportsmanship

This year's Tour de Plett wasn’t just a stunning hard route it also included three other aspects that the Plett adventure team had to encounter: Sweat, cable ties and sportsmanship.

What started off as a training ride (which of course changed as soon as the gun went off into a racing ride🤪) ended up as a proper and true training day. 

The race started, after a while Bubbles got a glimpse of the front ladies and decided to put the hammer down and see if she could pass them, it all backfired when she passed the third and second lady her bike decided it got abused too much and gave in…. Petrus the true gentleman he is stopped and tried to fix the derailer but not being sure of what to ...more

RACE REPORT – Plett Adventure Racing Team

Published: October 15th, 2021

Here we go again!!! Plett Adventure team was lucky again to have been able to put on their racing shoes and head to Cape St Francis for the 120km Kinetic Adventure Race.

Although this time the team was a bit smaller consisting of Petrus and Bubbles, they nevertheless went out full steam ahead.

The races started with a 1 1/2 hr bus drive from Cape St Francis Resort to Kareedouw.

A beautiful hike over the mountain saw us hope onto our bikes to cycle to the dam. Where a paddle with two runs in between waited for us.

This is where nature showed us, we are not as hardcore as we thought we were. A headwind of note was the ...more

Tales from the trails

Published: September 11th, 2020
Tales from the trails Life lessons for the tough journeys – whether it’s 2020 or a multi-day hike.

1. You can’t just give up halfway through. Once you hike halfway to your destination, you suddenly realize you have to make your way back or you’ll be eaten by a wild pig. Don’t get eaten by the wild pigs.

2. One step at a time. You’ve dragged yourself up the trail and are standing at the foot of a mountain. The rock you’re climbing up is slick from the thousands who have already climbed it, and all you’ve got to hold onto. It’s one of the most mentally and physically challenging ways you can spend 30 minutes. The trick is to ignore the magnitude of it all, and take it one step at a time. And whatever you ...more

Video: Plett Adventure Racing Team on Vasbyt

Published: May 14th, 2019
Video: Plett Adventure Racing Team on Vasbyt A small insight into the Plett Adventure Racing Team's recent adventure race. The race started in Nature’s Valley and took us into some of Plett’s most beautiful areas. What a great team to share the experience with.

January news from the Plett Adventure team

Published: February 14th, 2019
January news from the Plett Adventure team

2019 is off to an exciting start and we’ve been out and about on our local trails and rivers.  Its been great to share the trails with all the holiday makers over the festive season and now with more international tourists.


After Drew’s accident and partial dislocation of his shoulder in the form of an acromioclavicular joint injury which saw him in a sling from mid November to end of December, he’s back in training. Slow rehab with the advice of Plett biokineticist JJ Greyling and the ongoing help of Plett Precision Pilates and Lyno guru Fran Bailey he is running and cycling again. “The highlight so far this year has been hiking in the mountains with my son Tayo at age 13yrs ...more

Plett dates to diarise in 2019

Published: January 23rd, 2019
Plett dates to diarise in 2019

A little bit of planning goes a long way when there are so many tempting events in Plettenberg Bay in 2019. We are thrilled to be able to offer visitors adventure and sporting events, food, wine, arts and culture in our enviable natural setting. So, grab your calendar and have a browse through selected upcoming events in 2019. These are by no means all the events to be enjoyed in Plett throughout the year, but it’s a starter guide to finding your favourite event or three.

Information correct at time of publication.



17 February │ Truck & Vine Festival

A day of sunshine, sublime wine, food trucks and music awaits in the Plett Winelands. The Truck and Vine Festival is back, this time at ...more

Adventure sports news update for Nov/Dec

Published: December 20th, 2018
Adventure sports news update for Nov/Dec

When your mantelpiece is filled with photos and trail trophies then you know it’s been a good year and grateful for a healthy body and great opportunities.  2018 was jam packed with events and adventure, as a team as well as many individual events.   Had the opportunity to explore many different areas through our sport including new areas of the Garden Route, ADDO, Seychelles, Namaqua West Coast, Natal Midlands, Kouga and Durbanville wine farms to name a few.

During November myself and Jeanette Wylie (bubbles from team BUCO) joined forces and competed in the Sanlam Mountain Bike Invitational 2 day stage race in Cape Town.  The routes are technical and the competition is fierce, it took us ...more

October a highlight in Plett’s adventure calendar

Published: November 1st, 2018
October a highlight in Plett’s adventure calendar

October's been a highlight in Plett’s adventure calendar, one we will remember for a long time!

On Saturday the 6th of October we took part in the Tour de Plett mountain bike race, myself together with many of our local amped adventurers signed up for the 60km distance and buddy (Andrew Damp) the 87km route.  Cycling for education is their slogan, and what a great initiative to support, the Kwano cycling academy.  Those guys are fast!!!  The routes are proper, great combination of single track, some technical and dirt roads, we will be back next year!  The race started from Wittedrift just outside Plett and finished on Central Beach.  Congratulations to Netski taking the win in ...more

Cog’native therapy – one pedal stroke at a time

Published: October 24th, 2018
Cog’native therapy – one pedal stroke at a time

Whether you’re into laid-back scenic pedaling, slip-streaming it on the open tarmac or hardcore mountain biking along the single tracks of the forests, Plettenberg Bay is the ideal destination for devotees of two-wheeled, muscle-powered motion. This Garden Route playground features hundreds of kilometres of bike trails and dozens of different options. And we’ve whittled our can’t-miss cycling list down to three primo adventures: a stunning selection of cycling trails, the rigorous Dr Evil Classic and the annual Tour de Plett. On top of that, we introduce you to local cycling favourites Aidan Connelly and Rogan Smart, who are tackling the world of competitive cycling head on and compete ...more

September mostly about riding for Plett Adventure Team

Published: September 30th, 2018
September mostly about riding for Plett Adventure Team

Petrus Maree of Plett Adventure Racing Team reports on the races and trails they took part in during September.

--- + ---

September has been mostly about riding... my new bike, the luxury of dual suspension combined with the responsiveness of full carbon frame, words cannot explain...  Fitting in as many rides as possible between the September cold fronts with close to 250mm of rain, some snow... and work deadlines which in Plett, being a holiday destination, is starting to bottleneck towards December….

Some snow missions between Uniondale and Joubertina were fun and unexpected for September!

For the DR EVIL CLASSIC 3 DAY MOUNTAIN BIKE STAGE RACE I teamed up with former ...more

Busy month for Adventure Racing Team

Published: September 10th, 2018
Busy month for Adventure Racing Team

Petrus Maree of Plett Adventure Racing Team reports on the races and trails they took part in during August.

--- + ---

August been a busy month with training back in full swing and I had the opportunity to take part in 3 races.

Graham Bird, captain of the Merrel Adventure Addicts sent me a last minute message to join their team for the Cyanosis Midlands 165km Adventure Race on the 4th and 5th of August.  I was standing in for one of their team mates who could not make it.  This race forms part of the A1 series.  What a great opportunity racing and learning from these legends, Hanno, Tracey and Grant.  After a 16hr drive we started Saturday morning 6am with a 42km trail run followed by a 43km ...more