Plett barbershop bringing new hair trends to life 

Barbershop Plett
Published: January 5th, 2022
by Siphokazi Mnyobe

Plett barbershop is bringing new hair trends to life this summer

The unique vibe, diversity and culture of Plettenberg Bay communities has a way of exciting and bringing positive energy to our visitors. This summer, whether you are a domestic tourist taking a #shotleft to the Garden Route, you’re invited to visit our Kasi Barber and get a haircut that will guarantee you the complete kasi experience.

Kasi Barber Shop owner, Byron Bani,  from New Horizons in Plettenberg Bay says it’s important for domestic tourists who visit our town to feel the kasi fever.  According to Byron domestic tourists love relatable content that will remind them that they are still part of the South African rainbow nation although they may be in a different province.

“Everyone who cuts their hair knows finding a barber that understands new trends is close to impossible, that is why I make it my mission to perfect everything I do,” says Byron.

Byron has been cutting hair for more than 6 years and first cut hair using his friend’s clippers while still in high school; from there he realized he had a gift for cutting hair and started his own barber and salon. After experiencing challenges in his business that led to his barbershop closing down, Byron decided to be a mobile barber and later joined forces with two of his friends Delroy Swema and Darryn Plaatjies, who own a barbershop in his area.

Their mission is to ensure they bring satisfaction and smiles to everyone they work on by bringing new haircut trends to life.  “Building genuine relationships with our clients is important, a barbershop is not about cutting hair only, it is a place where guys have a mini get-together and talk about real-life issues,” adds Delroy Swema.

Colorful fashion trends, loud music, dramatic hairstyles, cool swag and kasi food is what townships are made of. And New Horizons is not different from any other South African township lifestyle. When you visit the area, expect nothing but the kasi antiques that we all love…from the smell of braai meat to the voices of little kids playing and singing, and taxis hooting – the kasi culture is well and alive.

Witnessing the youth fight through all odds so that their dreams can be realized is inspiring. These three young men have left a mark in so many people’s hearts with their jokes, warm welcomes, and their unique way of cutting hair. Their way of doing things has won them clients who come to visit their families in Plett, and say they always come back to their barber when they are back in town.

Bitou Municipality economic development officer Wandisile Sebezo acknowledges the role SMME’s play in Plett development and says, “the municipality will continue to support and upskill those who show interest and apply to the programmes and projects the municipality has to offer”.

According to Sebezo, Bitou Municipality’s Local Economic Development (LED) department prioritises these businesses and offers assistance through coordination of business classes with the Nedbank Incubator Programme, arranges funding through the Community Development Fund with the assistance and support of the Bitou Municipality’s tourism partner, Plett Tourism. These are but some of the measures applied to assist SMME’s and entrepreneurs.

Plett Tourism is proud to support LED projects and to share the successes of our residents. “One of the goals of Plett Tourism is to build an inclusive tourism economy that showcases and introduces the varied lifestyles and cultures of the region. We would like to introduce visitors to the dynamic and vibrant iKasi Lifestyle of Plett while giving all communities a chance to build on tourism opportunities. More and more, travelers are looking to engage with people and stories while on their journey and we aim to increase the appeal of Plett by bringing those stories to life,” says Janet Middleton, communications manager for Plett Tourism.

Get in touch with Kasi Barber on 061 380 5071 or 061 613 5895 to book an appointment.

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