Plett car attendants kitted out in blue in readiness for summer season 

Published: November 28th, 2019

The Executive Mayor of Bitou, Councillor Peter Lobese, on invitation by Keep Plett Clean, attended the launch of the new kit for Plett Car Attendants. The event was also attended by the Ward Councillor, Councillor Dave Swart.

Ms. Alison Bryant from Keep Plett Clean explained the reasons for changing the kit from bright yellow to blue. She says it is very easy for everyone to acquire the old kit. Criminals also wears these yellow bibs and they scam tourists wearing these. Each bib has a unique number and the area which the attendant is assigned to. She also thanked Mr Duncan Brown from KwikSpar for assisting to acquire the vests.

The Executive Mayor echoed her sentiment around the rogue attendants that are not trained. He said that, although all parking in Bitou is free, the initiative to have car attendants is welcomed. It add to the safety and enhances the experience that tourists get.

The Executive Mayor called on the Department of Public Safety, under Mr Andile Sakati to explore opportunities for the car attendants so they can register a legal entity with a bank account. This will make sure that the attendants can fundraise, benefit from projects.

The mayor also asked one of the senior law enforcement officials to oversee the car attendants in order to ensure they perform their functions.

Issued by Bitou Communications on 28 November 2019 at 13h40.

Photos courtesy of Bitou Municipality.