Plett Downhill Rage results 2014 

Plett Downhill Rage 2014
Published: December 9th, 2014

Plett Downhill Rage 2014On the 30th November 2014 Plett once again got the opportunity to show off as Nature Sport Company successfully staged another exciting Plett Downhill Rage.  Introduced in 2013, this fast-paced, adrenalin charged event is becoming one of the most anticipated events of the year. The excitement in the air was palpable as these talented skateboarders raced their way past the crowds down the famous Odlands Hill.

This year was no exception as 53 competitors lined up at the start line in their full leathers and helmets ready for a day of racing. You could hear the anticipation in the crowd as the marshal’s white flags were raised followed by the roar of wheels on the tarmac as the skaters reached speeds of up to 90 km/h, racing past hay bale lined corners to finish with style under the Red Bull arch at the bottom. The vibe of the event was felt right from the top of the hill, at the Table Restaurant who hosted the launch and prize-giving, all the way to the bottom where hoards of locals and visitors jostled with each other to get photographs of the action.

The day started with the time trials and Jason Brown once again became King of Hill with a heart-stopping time of 44.31 seconds from top to bottom. After lunch the racing began with heats of 4 skaters competing to get into the knock-out rounds and eventually the final. The competition was fierce and with a few local favourites taking a tumble in the semi-finals the race was anybody’s. It went right down to the wire as Kyle Wester from the U.S.A came across the finish line to beat SA Number 1 Decio Lourenco to take the title.

Nature Sport Co is once again so grateful to all our generous sponsors this year, who help make an event like this happen.  A very big thank you to Plett Tourism, Cindy and Pete you go that extra mile to make this town a happy place, Sector 9 for sponsoring such epic prizes, Nixon, Peg, Plett Rage, Red Bull. In addition without Plett’s Traffic department and their professional control, this event would not have been possible.

Thanks also go to Face Adrenaline you made the competitors very happy by sending them all off the World’s Highest Bungy, down a custom built ramp. A thank you for this from us as well as Candice, Jarryd, Decio, Lee, Kyle, Marie, Roche, Gabi, Joey, Aubrey, Geln, Rolph.

The official results for the 2014 Plett Downhill Rage are as follows:


1st: Kyle Wester 

2nd: Decio Lourenco 

3rd: Richard Dweza 

4th: Tom Courly 


1st: Gabi Murray- Roberts 

2nd: Marie Bougourd 

3rd: Cherisse Morris 


1.       Tyron Coetzee

2.       Ryan Morris

3.       Joey Marcus

4.       Jesse Martin

5.       Janoah Upton

6.       Dylan Seale

7.       Kyle Seale (Junior 1)

This year we were also thrilled to welcome some well-known International riders; Lee Cation (Canada) Kyle Wester (USA) and Marie Bougourd (France) and we hope they will return for next year’s.

Most importantly we are grateful for the wonderful support from locals for coming out to watch, as well as the surrounding residents that were affected by the road closure and their tolerance and support.

We hope you all have a festive season.

Till next year.


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