Plett Shark Spotter finding serenity in surfing 

Plettenberg Bay Shark Spotter Tyrone Bowie
Published: June 14th, 2024

Plett Shark Spotter finding serenity in surfing

In the serene waters of Plettenberg Bay, Shark Spotter Tyrone found unexpected solace – surfing became his anchor amidst life’s storms. Guided by Adopt A Surfer X The Impowrd Program, his journey unveils the transformative magic of riding waves.

“When I first hit the waves, I was like, ‘This is gonna be tough!’ But hey, I love a challenge!” recalls Tyrone with a grin.

With Brandon’s coaching, Tyrone conquered his first wave, a feat of pure joy and triumph. Yet, the journey wasn’t all smooth sailing. “Man, those big boards were tough to handle! And what’s this ‘duck dive’ thing? I felt like a confused duck out there!” he jokes.

Despite the tumbles and knocks, Tyrone found bliss in the rhythm of the waves. “Catching that wave after so many wipeouts? Best feeling ever!” he exclaims.

Surfing isn’t just about riding waves for Tyrone; it’s his stress-relief sanctuary. It’s like a mental reset button. When life’s waves get rough, surfing smooths them out.

As Tyrone reflects on his newfound passion, he marvels at how surfing mirrors life’s challenges. “You fall down, you get back up. It’s as simple as that,” he muses. “Just like in surfing, when the wave knocks you down, you paddle back out and try again.”

This journey of self-discovery and resilience is at the heart of Adopt A Surfer X The Impowrd Program. Their mission to promote inclusive and transformative growth in South Africa through surfing resonates deeply with Tyrone’s experience. By providing accessible surfing development programs, they empower individuals to find solace and strength in the waves.

But what makes surfing such a powerful form of therapy? The connection with nature, the physical benefits, and the sense of achievement all play a role in promoting holistic well-being. Through their efforts, Adopt A Surfer X The Impowrd Program not only transforms lives but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the ocean and its healing properties.

In the tranquil embrace of Plettenberg Bay, Tyrone’s story unfolds – a reminder that amidst life’s chaos, there’s serenity to be found in riding the waves. As Tyrone continues his journey, he embodies the spirit of resilience and joy that defines Adopt A Surfer X The Impowrd Program, inspiring others to embark on their own journey of healing and discovery.


Plett Shark Spotters was therefore established in November 2022, with trained spotters operational at five of Plett’s busiest beaches in time for the busy festive season. Operations have continued in the area ever since, creating 14 full time employment and skills development opportunities for locals from under-resourced communities.

Working closely with the Bitou Municipality Beach Control, Lifesavers and NSRI station, Plett Shark Spotters makes a positive contribution to beach safety in Plett, and has proved to be effective at reducing shark-human conflict and restoring confidence in the use of local beaches.

Due to an operational funding shortfall, Plett Shark Spotters has requested support from the public to help ensure that there are spotters on Plett’s beaches to keep both locals and visitors safe. By making a recurring or one-off donation to Plett Spotters you are making a significant investment in the people, environment, and economy of our area.

You can learn more or make a donation here or visit