Plett still the best tourist destination 

Published: February 1st, 2019

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Plett still the best tourist destination - Lessons from spending a weekend in East London

Over the last weekend, myself and two friends traveled to the coastal city of East London (now called Buffalo City) in the Eastern Cape. Great trip, as far as entertainment and social scene is concerned, but the rest, leaves much to be desired.

Having spent the weekend in East London, I can say with ease that Plett is still the best ideal tourist destination.

Our weekend away in East London coincided with the Iron Man African Triclub Championships from 25 January to the 28th January.

Other than that, there was nothing much to do. The city is deserted, we even booked ourselves in Gonubie, just 15 minutes away from the city. The area known as Quigney behind the beach front is a haven for all crime infested activities.

I can only imagine how distressed those visitors for the Iron Man must have felt. From poorly maintained roads, to delapidated buildings and worse of all, an uninspiring beachfront.

East London has the potential of being one of the high income earners for the Eastern Cape as far as tourism is concerned, because that province has it all, a rich history and heritage, together with unspoiled and pristine beaches; just badly managed unfortunately.

One must give credit to the powers that be here in Plett, for consistently making sure that we remain attractive as a tourist route, both for international and local travellers alike.

But Plett could easily become another East London if proper and long term plans are not put in place.

Let us take care of this precious gift we call home; we are lucky.


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