Plett Tourism and MCFM partner to bring iKasi Life stories to the community 

Published: May 4th, 2021
Wandisile's Plett - A blog by Wandisile Sebezo

Wandisile’s Plett

A blog by Wandisile Sebezo

Plett Tourism and local station MCFM partner to bring iKasi Life stories to the community of Bitou

Plett Tourism and local radio station MCFM have joined forces to launch iKasi Life – a series of stories written and shared by a Plett Tourism feature writer, Wandisile Sebezo.

The new iKasi Life segment will air every Saturday morning at 11:00 am, starting from 1 May 2021, bringing all things Plett; from community initiatives in Kranshoek and inspiring stories out of Kwano, to the Plett film industry and the Plett Winelands, and tales of suspense with Plett’s adventures and activities.

While so much is said and written about the Plett lifestyle, including our vibrant suburbs, exciting lifestyle events and our beautiful scenery and pristine beaches, rarely do stories of the people who make up the soul of Plett get told.

Wandisile Sebezo recording an episode of iKasi Life at MC Wave FM Radio Station in Plett
Wandisile Sebezo recording an episode of iKasi Life at MC Wave FM Radio Station in Plett

“We named this segment iKasi Life because we think Plett is more than its beaches, beautiful landscape, and wildlife. Let me remind you, dear reader, that I was raised in Kwanokuthula, a township west of Plett. There is a whole history of political and cultural activism in Kwano that, as a child, I was taught to revere,” says Wandisile Sebezo (feature writer, Plett Tourism).

Just like all townships in Plett, it is working-class centered and left-leaning. And this is what makes Plett complete, the people who stay here and the stories they have to tell.

iKasi Life seeks to bring to life those the world would rather forget, it’s about the Griqua Nation in Kranshoek and their never-ending quest for self-determination.

Here we will tell the stories of the many artists who seek to dance on the world stage, people like Mike Bhayibhile who has won a scholarship to the Berlin Opera Academy in Germany. Other artists like King Melisizwe and Ace McLein as they rap their way into the future.

“I see myself as part of the creative collective that speaks life into Plett communities, and above all, an heir to this wonderful tradition of community activism, art, jazz and warmth of the peoples of this town we call home. Join me as I don my dashiki to tell and narrate stories that make the Plett Feeling something to live for,” says Sebezo.

“Knysna 97.0fm and Mc903fm, your Real good, local Garden Route Radio has been planning to put together a segment on our fabulous places and people.  iKasi Life Radio hosted by Plett Tourism and Wandisile will do just that and take us into the heart and soul of our community.  We are looking forward to hearing you Wandisile,” comments Sandra Caldecott (sales and marketing, MCFM).

“Plett Tourism is excited to share our latest news – the brand new iKasi Life radio show on community radio station MCFM. The show provides an opportunity to share our Bitou township culture – a cross-section of projects, businesses, people and places in our community. We hope the listeners love it as much as we do,” says Patty Butterworth (CEO Plett Tourism).