Plett’s bronze dolphins turn twenty-one 

Bronze dolphins in Main Street Plettenberg Bay on their 21st birthday
Published: December 16th, 2021
by Brendon Morris

Plett’s bronze dolphins come of age as they turn 21 today

Plett’s bronze dolphins – the famous statue on the roundabout on Main Street – come of age today, having been unveiled 21 years ago on the 16th of December 2000.

Local sculptor Robbie Leggat of Bronze Fields Foundry remembers fondly how he sculpted the statue outside his mother’s home on the ‘wild side’ of Plett.

“I made the statue under a tree on the Robberg Coastal Corridor overlooking the sea,” recalls Robbie. “It was then cast in bronze in Cape Town, before returning to Plett to be erected in the center of the roundabout in Main Street.” This is now widely regarded as The Dolphin Circle.

Early on the morning of the 15th of December 2000, Robbie towed the statue to the site on an open trailer behind a small bakkie and erected it in the center of the roundabout in preparation for unveiling the next day.

Delivering bronze dolphins on a trailer behind a bakkie
Delivering the bronze dolphins on a trailer behind a small bakkie

Municipal Manager Euan Wildeman arranged a cherry picker to assist in unveiling the statue on the evening of the 16th of December 2000.

A meter-high replica of the statue was auctioned off and the proceeds of the fundraiser went into donating the full-size statue to the town of Plett.

“The children from the Masizame Children’s Home helped to polish the statue one year, which was great fun,” says Robbie.

You can find the statue at the start of Main Street in Plettenberg Bay.