Pump it up in Plett 

Pump it up MTB PLett
Published: January 22nd, 2019

Mountain-biking is a sport where grown-ups can be kids again while kids get to be a little more grown-up. These thoughts might float through your head as you follow your son or daughter down a wildly fun trail at the popular Plett mountain-biking haven, the Cairnbrogie Pump Track. Your youngster might outpace you, but at least you will still have a blast.

Get ready for the dust, berms, switchbacks, drop-offs and a whole gang of excitable little people on bikes. Cairnbrogie’s Pump Track is the answer to that annoying, “We’re bored! What can we do, Mom?” situation that inevitably rears its ugly head during the holidays.

When the family is enjoying a fantastic beach holiday in Plett, every now and again the little ones need a break from all that sun, sand and sea air. This is the perfect opportunity to scoop them into the car, along with their bikes, and head to a cycling adventure destination.

Cairnbrogie was fortunate to have DirtLab, an industry leader in the construction and design of pump tracks and trails, help design and build their track. DirtLab shared their passion and expertise to truly build a one-of-a-kind pump track in Plett. The track features a series of bumps/rollers that allow riders to use their momentum in order to gain speed. The track is particularly valuable when it comes to teaching young riders how to better their technical skills on their mountain bike. It also helps, of course, that it’s super fun for both youngsters and the young at heart.

Pump it up MTB PLett

It is crucial to remember, when cycling with children, that their good mood and enthusiasm depend entirely on how long it has been since they last ate. The Cairnbrogie Café, alongside the pump track, serves top-notch coffee, cold beverages and a selection of eats, ideal to fill up empty tummies after a long day of serious lappin’.

Parents can even indulge a little in mtb’ing themselves through the Harkerville forests and other tracks alongside Cairnbrogie, while the little ones enjoy the pump track and making new friends. Fun for the whole family and all within the breathtakingly beautiful grounds of this dairy farm.

The park, located on the Airport Road in the Cairnbrogie Dairy Estate, is open to bikers of all ages. It’s a fairly easy trail where young bikers can learn about basic bike control skills through to more extreme trails, where experiences riders can flex their muscles and enjoy fantastic outdoor adventure.

For more information, phone 044 533 9092 or visit www.cairnbrogie.co.za.