Report of Artists Journey 

Photos of Artists Journey 2021
Published: October 18th, 2021
by Jill Forbes

Report back from Jill Forbes of Artists Journey at the Plett ARTS Festival

Thank you so much for allocating the hall for our art exhibition. It was a perfect venue and the whole space filled up with artists color canvases photography and the digital display!

We had two very successful demos:

William Mwale who sold the artwork hot off the press Rodney Grosskopff stories and architectural sketches about his travels and book My Bic Pen and I.

Ten paintings were sold and very generous donations were put into our child welfare bucket! We will be donating R5,000.00 next week!

The banners were so effective and the barrels created a lovely entrance. The flowers were donated by Ulrike Baldzuhn and from my garden.

We had such positive lovely comments from everybody and a steady flow of visitors every day! It was a fabulous idea to have the working studio vibe as no one was ever alone.

And as for the one hour record pack down!!!! Done and dusted and Bonganis was saved by the skin of his teeth!

Many thanks once again and well done for all of your hard work two times over!! July and October.

Artists Journey 2021