Sol Kitchen 

Sol Kitchen Plett

Jambo – Greetings! The rising sun guides the fishermen to harvest their daily catch. The setting sun beckons them back home where their bounty is shared with all…

We invite you to celebrate this vibrant melting pot of people, cultures, sights, music and of course, food and drink with us at Sol Kitchen where we do everything with love, dedication, passion and attention to detail.

‘Karibu’ Our team is ready to welcome you into our Family – Leave the problems of the outside world at the door. Come in, sit down and enjoy the ambiance, vibe and natural, friendly, embracing atmosphere of a place where you are amongst friends.

Our products are fresh and, where available and in season, sourced from local growers and suppliers. We passionately believe in sustainability and the ultimate preservation of our precious environment. Our packaging is reusable (Glass/Plastic bottles) and environmentally friendly. The use of plastic is kept to a minimum and packets used are bio-degradable.

Asante-Sane (Thank You VERY Much!)