WATCH: Robbie Leggat – The Vicious Circle 

Robbie Leggat's Cicious Circle bronze sculpture
Published: March 7th, 2023

Watch: Robbie Leggat – The Vicious Circle bronze sculpture

Bronze sculptor, Robert Leggat has once again outdone himself with his latest piece, Vicious Circle – a truly mesmerising artwork of lions and hyenas in the heat of battle!

“This has definitely one of the most career-challenging pieces that I have taken on,” he says. “You get this concept in your mind… normally, I think technical when I’m working, try and solve things technically. On this one, I thought I am just making it and I will sort out the technical afterwards!”

The artist is best-known as the creator of the life-size bronze sculpture of dolphin and calf today known as “The Dolphin Circle”. His works can be viewed at @Bronze Fields Foundry.

Leggat’s attention to detail is exceptional and the ability to capture the essence of his subject involves long hours observing, drawing and sketching from life plus the use of taxidermic examples borrowed from collections and museums. His inquisitive mind coupled with inventiveness and a sense of fun gives his work an uniqueness not often found in the bronze medium.

What an exquisite piece this turned out to be!