September mostly about riding for Plett Adventure Team 

Published: September 30th, 2018

Petrus Maree of Plett Adventure Racing Team reports on the races and trails they took part in during September.

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September has been mostly about riding… my new bike, the luxury of dual suspension combined with the responsiveness of full carbon frame, words cannot explain…  Fitting in as many rides as possible between the September cold fronts with close to 250mm of rain, some snow… and work deadlines which in Plett, being a holiday destination, is starting to bottleneck towards December….

Some snow missions between Uniondale and Joubertina were fun and unexpected for September!

For the DR EVIL CLASSIC 3 DAY MOUNTAIN BIKE STAGE RACE I teamed up with former Plett local Mene Robinson, now working and living in Cape Town, but they still have their holiday home in The River Club.  Firstly, big thanks to the organizers!  It was amazing, we had loads of fun!  Even being familiar with the areas, doing a lot of our training around these parts, I was blown away by the routes, the scenery and the balance of how the 3 days played out and were put together. 

Day one was the longest day with lots of climbing and spectacular views, starting and finishing at the Plett Game Reserve. From there we moved to Kurland for stage 2 which was slightly shorter distance but more technical terrain.  This was our best day, we had great fun finishing as 4th mixed team.  Day 3 took us to Cairnbrogie farm from where we cycled into the forest (amazing technical single track) finishing off along the coast back at the farm.  Great vibe, great weather, great people and we were happy with a 5th place in the mixed team category and 16th team overall.  We will be back for more next year and suggest you put this on your calendar for 2019! Congratulations to all the podium finishers, especially the local speedy bike shop guys. And Kevin and The Bike Shop, kudos to you guys! Respect!

On the same weekend Muddy Foot Adventures put up the KURLAND TRAIL RUN and it was time to experience some of the trails we were riding on couple days before, this time on foot.  I took part in the 18km distance trail run… great route, lots of climbing with heavy Dr Evil legs, but worth the effort.  Thanks to James and his team – you guys do so much for the area and we really enjoy taking part in your events!  Happy with a 4th place finish. Congratulations to the winners who smashed the course in super fast times!


We were back in the Harkerville forest single tracks the next day making the most of the long weekend and great weather riding the beautiful red route with some local legends! 


Now it is time to pick up the running. SKYRUN is getting closer and it is time to climb those mountains… but first, Tour de Plett on the 6th of October, so more riding is in store for October.  October is also OTTER month and with the world’s top 20 trail runners coming to run the OTTER AFRICAN TRAIL RUN as the grand finale of the SALOMON GOLDEN TRAIL SERIES, South Africa has not seen an event as big as this! Exciting times ahead!






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