Breath Coaching / Yoga 

AUMJI Yoga Breath Coaching Health Plett

Did you know that your breath impacts everything as it affects your nervous system?

You can claim your power to Thrive in Life with simple training and practice for a few minutes.

Here’s your opportunity to address mental clarity, performance, building lung capacity, regulating blood pressure, longevity, quality sleep, even snoring, as well as boosting your immune system.

Breath Coach, Aumji has 25 years of background and 6 years of daily breath-taking practice (one hour or more).

Weekly group Breath Yoga classes @ Breathe & Yoga & More on Wednesdays 8 – 915am & Poortjies Beach on Saturdays 6.30 – 7.30am.

Please contact +27 (0)73 2943064 for one-on-one or private group Bookings and Enquiries.


AUMJI Yoga Breath Coaching Health Plett