Chiropractic Wellness Centre – Dr Michelle Brits 

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Chiropractor in Plettenberg Bay

A holistic chiropractor looks at your body as a whole system and takes the approach that an issue in one organ can lead to issues in another organ. The goal of this holistic therapy is to create balance and harmony in the body so you can stay healthy and perform at your best.

chiropractic. noun. chi·ro·prac·tic: a system of therapy which holds that disease results from a lack of normal nerve function and which employs manipulation and specific adjustment of body structures (as the spinal column) chiropractic adjective.

Your chiropractor, unlike painkilling drugs, will treat the cause of your pain and not just the pain itself.

Located in Plettenberg Bay, along the Garden Route, Dr. Brits specialises in traditional chiropractic care for the entire family. This includes non-invasive treatments for newborn babies and elderly patients.

A full examination will be carried out and detailed questions will be asked about your medical history to try to uncover the cause of your pain. Once you have received the diagnosis, your treatment can begin, generally with gentle but specific adjustments. This is drug free treatment.

Your appointment will also include diet and exercise analysis and posture work. Specially designed back cushions and pillows are available for purchase as well as ice packs, Arnica Ice and Biokinetic Tapes. Discount care packages are also available.

Maintenance & Family Chiropractic Care

  • Chiropractors are qualified in the care of bones, nerves, muscles, connective tissue and the effects they have on your nervous system.
  • These make up your muscular-skeletal system for which Optimal function is necessary for overall good health and your body’s natural healing ability.
  • Ask your Chiropractor for more information about a care programme that could include specific spinal adjustments, exercises, nutritional advice or other conservative methods of care.
  • Chiropractic care does not involve the use of drugs or surgery and is safe for the entire family.
  • From newborn babies with colic, young children suffering with ear infections or sinusitis, teenagers experiencing the early stages of scoliosis or sports injuries, and pregnant mothers to the elderly, chiropractic care offers you a new lease on life!