Liberty Beach Lockers 

Beach lockers on Central Beach Plett

Secure your belongings on the beach

Liberty Lockers provides a secure lock-up facility for personal belongings whilst on the beach.

All the lockers are fitted with a USB port to recharge phones, but you must provide your own cable.

Lockers are available on the following beaches:

  • Central beach
  • Sanctuary beach

Use the lockers to store your phone, iPad, devices, wallet and clothing while you swim, walk, surf or just relax on the beach.



Short-term (daily use) – R35.00 per day
(open and close as often as you like)

SPECIAL OFFER R5/day in Nov 2021

Coupon Code: LNCH5386



Liberty Lockers - rent a beach locker in Plett



  • Liberty Lockers is intended for daytime storage only. Please ensure all valuables are removed by day end.
  • Liberty Lockers uses its own solar power and once removed from the beach leaves no environmental footprint.