Liberty Beach Lockers 

Liberty lockers - Beach lockers to store your valuables at the beach when you swim

Liberty Lockers provides a  secure lock-up facility for personal belongings whilst on the beach.

The locker systems are circular in shape and there are 40 individual lockers in each cluster.

All the lockers are fitted with a USB port to recharge phones, but you must provide your own cable.

Lockers will be available on the following beaches:

  • Central beach
  • Lookout beach
  • Sanctuary beach

We urge you to please make use of the lockers in order to avoid any unfortunate incidents.



There are 2 options for the lockers:

  • Short-term (daily use) – R10.00 per lockup
  • Long-term (minimum of 2 months) – Pricing below


When you arrive at the lockers, look for one that has a key in it. This door will be open, but the key will be immovable. The key will be attached to a wristband and sheath for key protection.

On the inside of the door, you will find the lock with 2 slots at the top. You need to insert a R5 coin in each slot (R10.00 total) and close the door. The key will then be able to turn and the door will lock.

There is no time delay, and you can open the locker after 5 minutes or 5 hours. Once you open the door, the key will become immovable again and the only way to release the key is with another set of R5 coins.


These lockers will be fitted with a regular cam lock. The key will come on a wristband with a sheath to protect the key.

Rental is 2 months minimum.

The lockers will be on the beaches by the 10 December 2020 and the pricing structure is as follows:

beach lockers long term rental pricing

To purchase a permanent locker please contact Malcolm on 083 269 2871 or email

You can also download and complete this application form and email it to



  • Liberty Lockers is intended for daytime storage only. Please ensure all valuables are removed by day end.
  • Please avoid putting wet or sandy keys or coins into the slots.
  • Liberty Lockers uses its own solar power and once removed from the beach leaves no environmental footprint.
  • Liberty Lockers will be fitted with video surveillance cameras, which will be monitored by Plett Security as an added service to the community.


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