SA Peaceful Community 

SA Peaceful Community

SA Peaceful Community, Bitou District Garden Route, Trust, is a role model community, driving community service project, in own name and capacity,  for SA residents and visitors, business supporters, service providers and suppliers, who want to attend and host a learning and inner development education skills program, at no charge, based on the core teachings all religions teach, centered around volunteerism. All bring their  love, sympathy, friendliness, understanding, support and cooperation. Funds are managed by voluntary and non voluntary supporters.

The role model peaceful community is one of its kind in the world, managed under the guidance and support of leader teacher

The aim of creating a SA Peaceful Community, Bitou District, Garden Route, is to serve the SA residents and visitors to Bitou District, Garden Route.

The program is designed to create a peaceful way of living, working and traveling, to be without worry or doubt. The focus is on growing unity and harmony in community, to put work in hands, feed the hungry and accommodate the needy, who attend and host the program, to grow safety, well-being, social and economic balance in community.

Supporters, service providers and suppliers, gather together to live out their love and faith, to bring forward balanced actions of love, sympathy, friendliness, encouragement, understanding, support and cooperation.

The program is based on the core principles that all religions teach, centered around volunteerism.

This includes living with respect and empathy for all living beings, volunteering to follow a vegan diet. Building a clear, good sound mind, volunteering to avoid alcohol and recreational drugs. Living a fair and honest life, volunteering to work to grow love and faith to achieve own goal. To live, work and travel within the law of love and the law of the land. To practice daily meditation, on the unspoken and unwritten word to see the light and listen to the Truth found within own mind and body, whilst volunteering to serve with own mind, body and wealth. There is no advertising except to explain services.  There is no claiming of any good done in society. There is no looking for followers nor preaching, nor for-telling the future, no telling others what to do.

All voluntary donations of time, skills, resources, funds, services and supplies, are managed by supporters, to pay service providers and suppliers in need.

Donations are a gestures of gratitude for all the good works done by the master, also known as the Spirit of Peace, Togetherness,  Love, Joy, Faith and Hope.

The Program for October/November 2019, is held from Bossiesgif Industrial Shed 10 am Monday to Friday and mid month 10 am Saturday 11 October and 5 pm Sunday 12 October 2019.

Those who are interested to volunteer for the December – February 2020 program,  can contact Mignonne Shayle Anderson, voluntary organizer working under the master.


Volunteers are helping to:

  • organize the program
  • administer the unemployed, residents and vistiors
  • release fund
  • plan and implement community service projects to achieve the Bitou IDP plan
  • use the central data base system for registration of businesses for procurement purposes
  • invite Garden Route residents and their visitors to attend and host program from Bitou District to benefit,
  • ensure residents and visitors are made to feel comfortable, empowered, supported and well managed
  • grow good relationships from the Top down


We need volunteers to:

  • register those residents and visitors to Bitou district,
  • manage baggage storage with safety
  • manage hand in of phones at mass meetings, or switch off, allowing small handbag into meetings
  • host a library of books made available to order
  • create community kitchens to prepare, serve and clean
  • recycle plastic and make household products available
  • make clothing available, new and used
  • plant fruit and veg in social areas
  • plant nursery for food growing farms
  • create public ablutions
  • cleaning and fixing streets and pavements
  • build accommodation, feeding and admin facilities
  • create parking spaces with parking attendants
  • registration stations for residents or visitors wanting initiation into the living meditation practice
  • maintain social, cemetery and recreational areas
  • capture data
  • give care in hospitals
  • maintain public gardens
  • maintain halls
  • write books
  • write articles
  • give discourses
  • provide entertainment program
  • create inspirational gospel music


To Be the Best together

For more info contact 081 318 9193