Lodestone in Plett

Join WineTots as we explore the best spots in and around the Winelands of South Africa, to relax and treat all the senses while the whole family has fun!

Our focus is on finding the best food, wine, restaurants, accommodation, views and adventure for you (and the little ones).

  1. Food – whether feasting at picnics with magical views, tucked-away bistros frequented by locals, or indulging in the fragrance of freshly baked bread and morning coffee while adventuring through the vineyards.
  2. Wine – whether you prefer this to be part of carefully selected food and wine pairings or savoured individually, intrigued by the flavours stemming from the region’s terroir.
  3. Restaurants – whether you are enamoured by silver service and fine dining or prefer embracing the local food scene with family and friends.
  4. Accommodation – whether it is the draw of sleeping under the stars beside a babbling brook or the luxurious comfort afforded by satin sheets.
  5. Adventures – whether it is horse riding among the wildlife and hiking, or your idea of adventure is a day at the spa.

We at WineTots have you covered and will share the most magically memorable places for you to experience (with or without your tots).

Contact us for bespoke offerings and personalised tours from the Winelands of the Western Cape to the Eastern Cape game reserves.

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Our Beginnings

So, you have kids and life as you know it is over… Life is better than it has ever been, because they are just the best, but where to go and what to do that is amazing both for them and for YOU?

Our mission has been to discover the best spots in and around the Winelands of South Africa, where you can relax and treat all your senses while your kids have fun in beautiful and safe surroundings.

Join us on our adventures with our little explorers, and we will share the finer details of the gems that we have discovered along the way. Having visited more than two hundred different wineries as a family so far, we reveal the best of both past and present and will especially highlight those spots that continue to be consistently superb.

Top Spots for Tots and YOU!