Snow on Plett’s mountains 

Formosa peak Plett covered in snow - by Brendon Morris
Published: July 21st, 2019

Visitors to Plett will have received a special treat today. Plett’s mountains almost always get at least one light dusting of snow during the winter months, and this year it happened on the third Sunday in July.

Formosa peak and a number of other mountains to the west of it were well covered in snow today. If you were in Plett you would have felt it too… the chill in the air made sure most locals and visitors spent the morning wrapped up warmly, but by afternoon it had warmed up enough for a few brave beach-goers to venture out onto the shoreline, as can be seen in this photo below.

If you are visiting Plett, you’ll be pleased to know that the chilly weather has passed for a day or two but plans to revisit us on Tuesday, and thereafter it’s set to improve later in the week, with next Saturday and Sunday topping out in the late twenty degrees Celsius.

So you’ll be able to stash the beanie and head out onto the beach if you stick around a few more days.


Formosa Peak near Plett was capped with snow on Sunday 21 July - by Brendon Morris

Formosa Peak near Plett was capped with snow on Sunday 21 July – Photo by Brendon Morris

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