Sweat, Cable Ties and Sportsmanship 

Sweat, Cable Ties and Sportsmanship
Published: November 3rd, 2021

This year’s Tour de Plett wasn’t just a stunning hard route it also included three other aspects that the Plett adventure team had to encounter: Sweat, cable ties and sportsmanship.

What started off as a training ride (which of course changed as soon as the gun went off into a racing ride🤪) ended up as a proper and true training day. 

The race started, after a while Bubbles got a glimpse of the front ladies and decided to put the hammer down and see if she could pass them, it all backfired when she passed the third and second lady her bike decided it got abused too much and gave in…. Petrus the true gentleman he is stopped and tried to fix the derailer but not being sure of what to fix made it quite difficult.

This is where the Sportsmanship come in – guys were stopping to help and trying to fix the problem which finally got fixed by the use of cable ties. The bike became one speed and this is where the sweat came in, basically pushing up every hill, and let me tell you, after the 25 km mark there were still plenty of hills to the 65km finish.

But we made it, bike, cable ties and all. 

Thank you to all the guys who stopped to try and help.

Thank you to Petrus for sticking around like a true racing partner waiting passionately at the top of every hill shouting encouragement. 

Thank you to James for an awesome hard route that made me sweat.

And thank you to the cable ties… without you I would still be out there…

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Sweat, Cable Ties and Sportsmanship