Talented SA land artist receives prestigious grant 

Calling The Herd - Photo: Jade Holing
Published: January 15th, 2022
by Patty Butterworth (CEO, Plett Tourism)

A talented South African land artist has just received a prestigious grant!

South African award-winning land artist and creator of the ‘Calling the Herd’ sculpture in Plettenberg Bay, Strijdom van der Merwe, was recently named as one of ‘The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant’ recipients for 2022.

His contribution to the Garden Route’s first Land_Art Exhibition held in Plett is an iconic installation that has inspired other artists to contribute to Plett’s emerging land art scene.

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Calling the herd
Calling the herd

Land art captivates an audience with an engaging combination of ‘culture’ and ‘nature’ through the eyes of artist who use select materials found in their natural environment, with an emphasis on materials in the actual location the art will call home. These ‘environmental artists’ create beautiful works of art using an incredible selection of materials such as stone, sand, grasses, metals and other mediums found in nature.

In 2013 Strijdom van der Merwe installed ‘Calling the Herd’ (an interactive sound artwork) on an ancient elephant migratory route along the Keurbooms Corridor. Along with other artists, he was invited to contribute his own depiction of local land art and the plight of the elephants, encouraging the dream of elephants to once again walk traditional trail routes.

Symbolically Calling the Herd is calling all elephants, and all humans that can hear the call, to experience the journey towards re-establishing nature’s ancient routes for all species.

Calling of the Herd is located in the Keurbooms Corridor and includes several trumpet-like funnels combined in a tree shape. Visitors are encouraged to stop and blow these trumpets to recall the sounds of elephants on their ancient migration route across the mountains.

The presence of land art sites in Plett are significant in the rehabilitation of the area’s habitat and are indicative of a healthy and sustainable ecosystem containing the diversity of wildlife thriving across the region.

For more information about Plettenberg Bay, land art and its magnificent nature, visit www.pletttourism.com.

Photos: Jade Holing