The Great Dance screening at Plett Food & Film 

The Great Dance
Published: September 15th, 2021


A Night of Kalahari Enchantment at the Plett ARTS Festival. Festival favourite, Plett Food & Film returns with compelling food and delicious film to immerse audiences in a world where cinema, culture, and cuisine combine for a memorable and magical night on 2nd October 2021 at The White House in Plettenberg Bay.

Be transported to the wild Kalahari for an evening: a hint of mpepu smudges the air, sticks on the strings of the kora beat an ancient rhythm as you retrace the annals of time to rituals of respect, and spirituality, and simple survival, as all senses are nourished by food, music, poetry, and film in a night of Kalahari enchantment, brought to you by Plett Tourism and Ikasi Creative.

The film is The Great Dance: A Hunter’s Story, a documentary from Craig Foster, Academy Award-winning producer of My Octopus Teacher, and his brother, Damon Foster. Made in 2000, the film is a profound and beautiful documentation of the spiritual synergy and symbiosis of natural beings as lived out by the San of the Kalahari. “Through the eyes of a San Bushman hunter who lives in the Kalahari Desert, perceive a world invisible to outsiders, a world where every footprint, every raindrop, and every broken branch tells a story.” –

Taking inspiration from the film, our cooks, performers, and magic-makers complete this fantastic lineup. The girls from Nguni Restaurant will conjure a simply delicious meal, flavoured with wild edibles, capturing the spirit of the Kalahari. Ancient Voices – a duo of exceptional performers on kora and traditional instruments – provide that all-important musical element, while Henry Khoisan will be performing evocative /Xam poetry of Dia!kwain, Kweiten-ta-//ken,  /A!kunta, /Hanzkass’o and //Kabbo, adapted by Antjie Krog. Vanessa Brewer will lead a fascinating guided tasting of urban-foraged edible roots, leaves, and unexpected edibles.

In previous years, the Plett Food & Film event has taken audiences on incredible journeys, complete with unforgettable feasts and flavours, drama, and joy, with film pairings of Like Water for Chocolate, The Big Night, Babette’s Feast, the poignant Lunchbox, and our own heartbreaking Katrina. Each evening has been unique, and Plett Food & Film has hosted special guests from across the globe: delightful Reza “The Spice Prince” Mohamed, Karin Dudley, Jenny Morris and famously hilarious Suzelle DIY.  As every film screened has told a story, so has every meal added a unique, memorable ingredient to the Plett Food & Film experience.  

“If you’ve been to Plett Food & Film before, we know you’ll definitely be coming back,” says festival director, Cindy Wilson-Trollip, “It’s a one-of-a-kind event and has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.  A Night of Kalahari Enchantment, featuring The Great Dance: A Hunter’s Story, steeps the audience in otherworldly lore and, well, you have to be there”.

Ancient Voices
Ancient Voices will be performing on the Night of Kalahari Enchantment

Plett Food & Film forms a part of the larger Plett ARTS Festival: a celebration of the arts including live and pop-up performances, workshops, exhibitions, outdoor art activations, and much more from 1 – 10 October 2021. As always, Plettenberg Bay presents a one-of-a-kind backdrop to an arts extravaganza not to be missed.

Other highlights of the programme are the returning Plett Twilight Meander, Plett Concerts, and Plett Winter School, while our poetry performances, exhibitions, new concerts in unusual locations, and new Land Art event are sure to delight. 

For peace of mind and respect for our visitors and artists, all current COVID19 safety protocols will be monitored and adhered to. Visitors are encouraged to #PlettArtsSafely by maintaining social distancing wearing masks at both indoor and outdoor venues, and sanitizing hands frequently. Organizers will be doing their part by offering bubble seating and hand sanitizing, limiting capacity at well-ventilated venues, screening on entry and online ticketing.


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