The rise of Green ‘n Fresh Laundry 

Published: April 17th, 2014

green-n-fresh-laundryAn extraordinary couple from New Horizons (Cingi & Phumzile Ngemntu) were entrepreneurial and brave enough to start a professional laundry in Piesang Valley last August 2013. At the time they had only one client, Home From Home. They now have a small but regular client base and a few contracts but need more support from the community in order to survive.

It is so much more than just a laundry to them, Cingi says “Green ‘n Fresh Laundry focuses on a unique approach – passion for the end results, hygiene and wellness with less complications. Our aim is for our laundry service to be selling a positive vision of self and others. Linen and clothing have a sentimental value to the clients, this proclaims confidence and self esteem, the laundry business plays a vital role in restoring the original value when the job is done well. The positive end result satisfies and honours the customer.  On top of that our prices are reasonably affordable, our service guarantees satisfaction”.

Mission Statement: 

We provide reliable, time-bound and affordable laundry service to hotels, restaurants and accommodation bureaus.     

  • Product Mission: Commitment to service excellence and products that enhance fresh and stain free laundry.
  • Community mission: Maintain community support, customer involvement and job creation to contribute towards the fight against HIV/AIDS, TB and unemployment.
  • Economic mission: Operate and grow at a profitable rate through sound economic decisions and compliance to socio economic environments.

Business philosophy: 

We believe in a responsive and reliable approach based on Ubuntu values. Quality summarizes and typifies our business. “Less complication provides more time for service”. 

Please contact Cingi for further information – 073 335 2380/email: Cingisisa Ngemntu (