The strong, beautiful women of Mungo 

Mungo hands on the loom
Published: August 18th, 2021

Celebrating the strong, beautiful women of Mungo

Mungo is a textile weaving mill based in Plettenberg Bay. The full operation of the mill is visible to the public daily: design, weaving and CMT (cut, make, trim) – and soon the warping department will be open too – in the beautifully designed Mungo Mill at Old Nick Village.

A message for Women’s Month

“We are proud to say that most of our team are women – these are the strong ladies at the helm, or working confidently behind the scenes, that guide and inspire us.

From our CMT (cut, make, trim) department to our weaving, design, wholesale, marketing, admin, and retail, we cherish these powerful ladies.

We celebrate them not only this month, but every month. Thank you for enabling us to thrive.”

Mungo textiles are a culmination of a sustainable approach to textile design, crafted with respect for the human and natural environments in which they operate. In 2021, Mungo renewed their GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) accreditation – a big feat for a maverick mill!

Behind each product are real South African people, thousands of carefully sourced natural fibre yarns, traditional tools, history, and knowledge – both learned and inherited. The final cloth is one that is simple, beautiful, and made to last. Mungo’s wide range of products includes everyday bath, bed, table and kitchen classics – inspired both by historic pattern cards, African textile traditions and global designs.

Merle Nursten, Wholesale Manager
Melody Khan, Head Gardener
Ange Malgas, Despatch
Merle Nursten, Wholesale Manager | Melody Khan, Head Gardener | Ange Malgas, Despatch
Jonica Gubula, Mungo Retail | Cherilee Windvogel, Retail Manager
Nicolette Elbrink – Weaving Manager | Lenore Schroeder – Designer | Nadene Cassel – Inventory Manager | Virginia Williams – Head of CMT