Is Robberg the best trail run in South Africa? 

Trail run on Robberg - Is it the best in South Africa?
Published: June 24th, 2022

Robberg Nature Reserve has grown in popularity beyond all expectations over the past decade

Although this CapeNature reserve has always been an iconic landmark of Plettenberg Bay, a national monument, marine protected area and World Heritage Site, Robberg offers the average user a well-rounded Garden Route experience that encompasses many of the traits that modern travellers are looking for: marine life, multiple-length hikes, panoramic viewpoints, picnic and braai spot, unspoiled beaches, fishing, birdwatching, historic attractions, numerous photo opportunities, and endemic flora. And visitors can’t seem to get enough of our beautiful Robberg.

Fishermen, holiday-makers and hikers have long visited Robberg Nature Reserve to enjoy the views, fresh ocean air and marine life. However, the increased popularity of trail running has provided local runners, including our Plett Adventure Racing Team, with a daily dose of nature that’s second to none. The reserve offers a choice of three circular trails, which can be walked or run: The Point Walk (9km), Witsand Walk (5.5km) and The Gap Walk (2km) with an add-on of the much-photographed island and tombolo beach at the bottom of Witsand Dune.

Marine life viewing has also increased in popularity, especially on the leeward side of the peninsula where whales and dolphins are regularly sighted and, as the Robberg colony of Cape fur seals has grown, great white sharks are known to predate in the shallow waters off the colony, particularly in winter – which is, incidentally, when the whales are also visiting our bay. For those interested in anthropology and history, Nelson Bay Caves forms a part of the Western Cape’s Cradle of Human Culture. The cave shows occupation as far back as 120 000 years and has yielded material covering its intermittent occupation in the Middle and Later Stone Ages. It seems throughout history, the crevices and crests of Robberg have appealed to mankind. Amidst the endemic fynbos, naturalists can spot many bird species and examples from the Cape Floral Kingdom.

For those looking to visit during the Plett Ocean Festival and Marine Science Symposium, local guides will be available to bring the stories of Robberg to life, a seal viewing trip or marine safari may bring you closer to our marine life than you imagined and, at the networking event at the Beacon Isle Gazebo on 1 July 2022, Kai Heines will be introducing the Robberg Coastal Corridor Hike which is gaining popularity each year. Book for the Robberg Coastal Corridor talk (booking essential, free of charge). Booking Robberg is advised during the holiday seasons.